Snapchat Bounce

In what was under testing in June this year, Snapchat has now released a Snapchat Bounce feature, available in the app’s newest update.

Termed as Instagram Boomerang’s replica by many, the Snapchat Bounce filter will make you edit your Snapchat videos while capturing the moments on loop. Follow these steps to rightly use the filter:

1. By clicking the capture button on Snapchat Camera, record the video

2.You can also switch filter by utilising the infinity loop icon which is present on the right side of the camera screen.

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3.Do not forget to click on the ‘Bounce’ button located second.

4.After following the above steps, you are now allowed to choose the targeted part of the video you want to play on loop.

5.Once the part is selected, it’s now a ‘Bounce’. Relive the moment as much time as you want.

Snapchat is constantly revising  it’s policies and delivering regular updates with engaging filters to let users get hooked to the app. However, the company is facing backlash with netizens accusing it for copying Instagram at various levels and this time creating a ‘Boomerang’ kind feature as ‘Bounce’.