I’m about to hire a developer on a project that will cost around $7,500 of my money. I’ve checked with developers in my network, rentacoder, prosavvy, and elance. Easly 50 people have applied, and I’m in serious talks with 5.

Now I’m nearing the moment of truth when it is time to decide. The winner will be the firm that can convince me of the following:

– They are excited about the project

– They will be there for me throughout, and respond to my questions

– The project (and me) is important to them

– I don’t have to worry. While there are no guarantees, they will get it done — and they can provide evidence through similar projects and the way they take ‘ownership’ of my project.

Lessons for you? At the moment of truth, your prospect is nervous about pulling the trigger. Be reassuring. Show you want the work. Ask questions to understand their concerns. Find a way to show that you will be there for them (and have been there before).

Until I get the above sense of reassurance, I probably won’t pull the trigger. And I don’t think I’m unique.