Manning launches electronic book subscription

April 25 — Manning has introduced a new program where subscribers can download chapters of books as they are completed. The Manning Early Access Program (MEAP) also delivers a complete PDF version of the book once it is finished. Currently, MEAP is offering Eclipse in Action by David Gallardo, Ed Burnette, and Steven Haines. The book discusses how to build, test, and debug applications using Eclipse tools and third-party applications. MEAP subscribers can begin downloading chapters now; a paper edition will be available in June.

Transcription Portlet now available on IBM alphaWorks

April 25 — The Transcription Portlet voice portlet transcribes telephony-based dictation and makes large-vocabulary speech recognition technology available to telephony-based portal applications. Developers can use Transcription Portlet's Java APIs to integrate transcription capabilities into a portlet application.

Borland and Recursion combine technologies

April 25 — Borland Software has integrated Recursion JGL into its Together technology. Recursion JGL (Java Generic Libraries) is an extension to the JDK from Recursion Software. The companies integrated their products to help accelerate development time and the application development lifecycle.

Innoopract announces new development tools

April 25 — Innoopract has released W4 Toolkit 2.0 and W4 Designer 1.0. W4 Toolkit is the company's Java Web front-end component library, and W4 Designer is its companion GUI (graphical user interface) builder. These two tools can be integrated into all IDEs and Java Web application servers.

Ervacon introduces XNam

April 25 — Ervacon has released XNam JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface) service provider. XNam provides Java applications with a naming service, accessible through the JNDI interface, that reads application information from XML files.

Glue 4.0 Web services platform released

April 25 — Glue 4.0 is now available for download from the Mind Electric. The tool lets Java developers build applications using Web services, servlets, and JSP (JavaServer Pages).

SolarMetric partners with Sun

April 18 — SolarMetric will provide Java Data Object (JDO) support for Sun Microsystems' Sun ONE (Open Network Environment) users. SolarMetric's Kodo JDO product is now available as a plug-in to the Sun ONE Studio IDE.

PolarLake announces products for Q2

April 18 — PolarLake plans to release the following products during second quarter 2003: PolarLake JIntegrator, an enterprise XML and Web services platform for Java, will provide a platform for creating new or extending existing Java and Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)-based XML and Web service systems. The PolarLake Messaging Integrator will support XML-based integration, including routing, validation, and processing. The PolarLake Database Integrator 3.0, which integrates XML and Web services with relational databases, will support IBM's DB2 and complex transformations between XML-formatted and relational-formatted data.

Eclipse updates tools platform

April 18 — The Eclipse consortium has issued a new version of its open-tools integration platform. Eclipse 2.1 includes workbench navigation enhancements, user-configurable key bindings, new Ant support, and more flexible project layouts. The Java development tools have been upgraded with editor and debugger improvements and new refactorings.

Wedgetail bridges Java and Windows security issues

April 18 — Wedgetail has introduced Java Crypto and Security Implementation (JCSI) Single Sign-On. The tool integrates Microsoft and Java security technology, and addresses identity management and access control issues for Java application servers.

M7 releases application assembly suite

April 18 — The M7 Application Assembly Suite 3.0 is M7's latest J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) application suite. It consists of four components: The M7Enterprise Repository reuses Java components and Web services; the M7Enterprise Server provides unified data access and a persistence system; the M7Workflow automates application navigation; and M7Studio is a visual JSP (JavaServer Pages) editor.

New site offers free materials for Java certification

April 18 — provides a free online certification center to help developers prepare for the Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform exam. The site focuses on the exam's nine objectives and includes roughly 300 mock exams.

ComponentSource acquires Flashline's component marketplace

April 18 — ComponentSource has acquired Flashline's online marketplace for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components. Flashline will now devote its resources to meeting corporate demand for its enterprise software asset reuse solution, Flashline CMEE. Both companies have partnered to promote and sustain reuse efforts across organizations through access to reusable COTS components.

Jinspired offers free license for JDBInsight 1.2

April 18 — Jinspired is currently providing a free license for the Developer Edition of its performance-tuning product, JDBInsight 1.2. The tool analyzes the transactional behavior of J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) components.

Bambookit GUI 2.0 now available

April 18 — Bambookit has released Bambookit GUI (graphical user interface) 2.0, an XML-based client for creating real-time front ends for Web applications. Bambookit applications occupy 100 Kb of device memory and run on any Java-enabled browser.

Micromata announces Schroedinger

April 18 — Schroedinger combines Apache Tomcat with a Swing GUI (graphical user interface) to create and test JSP (JavaServer Pages) and servlet Web applications. The tool from Micromata features a Tomcat 4.1 server, an HTTP inspector, and fast server restart.

Fiorano announces distributed computing solution

April 11 — Fiorano Software has released Tifosi 2002 ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), a standards-based solution for event-based distributed computing. Built on top of a JMS (Java Messaging Service) server, Tifosi supports J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Editon), .Net, Web services, and legacy technologies.

H&W launches DiagnoSys

April 11 — DiagnoSys, a new product from H&W, analyzes performance and availability of enterprise J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) applications and highlights potential issues before shipment. The tool uses customizable collection and correlation techniques to gather its data.

Coldbeans Software updates JSP tag suite

April 11 — Coldtags 1.30 is now available. This suite includes more than 130 custom JSP (JavaServer Pages) tags for common programming tasks faced by JSP developers.

ICS completes BX For Java testing

April 11 — BX For Java is now available from Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS). This visual development tool builds and manages user interfaces for Java applications.

QFS updates UI testing tool

April 4 — Quality First Software (QFS) has released qftestJUI 1.02, a capture-/replay-based tool for automating Java user interface tests. This latest version features an interactive debugger and support for distributed test development.

INM introduces Moka Xtra

April 4 — Integration New Media (INM) has announced the availability of Moka Xtra, formerly known as Java Xtra. Moka Xtra is a scripting tool that brings Java to Macromedia Director by allowing developers to execute methods and access fields in Java objects through Lingo.

IronEye SQL and IronEye Cache available for download

April 4 — IronGrid has released IronEye SQL, a JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) performance analysis tool. IronEye SQL allows developers to view a graph of all SQL statements that flow over one or more JDBC drivers to identify those statements that take the longest to prepare or execute. The company has also released IronEye Cache, a Java performance tool that lets developers increase the performance and scalability of Java-based applications throughout the development cycle.

Broadbeam launches developer site and contest

April 4 — The Broadbeam Developer Zone is a new online resource center that gives mobile application developers, system integrators, and independent software vendors access to tools and information for developing and deploying enterprise mobile applications. Hosted by the Broadbeam Corporation, the site offers trial editions of software, community discussions, and Broadbeam-related research. The company is also sponsoring with Wireless Week the first Broadbeam Developer Contest for professionals and students who use Broadbeam's Mobile Solutions System (MSS) to develop mobile applications using Pocket PCs.

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