Here we go again… it was a bit of a crazy week for me personally. I have to present this week on Data Loss Prevention to a general IT audience. In my research I found the numbers and statistics almost tell the entire story themselves (I’m obviously focused on healthcare). I might publish the slides after the presentation this week.


Arse First Method of Technical Blogging by Greg Ferro. Greg has published a short book providing some insights into how he publishes so many blog posts. I had an opportunity to meet Greg at Networking Field Day 4 in October 2012 and was impressed with his description of his workflow and organization. I was so impressed it lead me to find Evernote which I use today to help collect all my thoughts and better organize myself (I’m the worst for hand written notes all over my desk).

The Tech Interview: Your Resource For Finding and Keeping Meaningful Work in Tech by Paul Stewart & John Harrington. Paul and John have started a new website and blog dedicated to the career aspects of working in the technology field. They just literally started the site but the content (and advice) that they are offering is very good.

This Job Isn’t For Everyone by Matthew Norwood. Matthew describes the ups and downs of working for a value added reseller in the technology field. I might need to reply with the musings of a 15+ year corporate employee, there are quite a few similarities and differences.

Other Stories

Google Reader Powering Down – It’s amazing how fast time moves these days, July 1st is nearly upon us and like many I’ve yet to find an alternative to Google Reader. There’s been quite a few new product announcements and feature upgrades to existing products from companies trying to fill the void being left behind by Google. I’m personally interested in Digg’s solution which promises to be unveiled next week. There’s also AOL Reader which promises to launch next week as well. Feedly is another strong contender and released Feedly Cloud this past week. What did you decide to use?

Tech Field Day 9 – Stephen Foskett and the folks at Gestalt IT held another Tech Field Day event this past week.  You’ll find the recorded sessions with Commvault, Dell, Infinio, Neverfail, Nutanix, Solarwinds and Veeam on the Tech Field Day website. I really enjoyed Solarwinds product announcement concerning “Software Defined Backup”. :)

WordPress 3.5.2 Security and Maintenance Release – The team behind WordPress has released a new version of WordPress which addresses some significant security vulnerabilities. Sucuri has some additional details behind the forking of SWFUpload.