We like to think we create our future.  But you don’t really create your future.  You create your daily habits – and then those habits actually create your future. 

The way you transform your life, is you must transform your habits.

I had a fantastic time with the crew at the Elevate event in Gotham City over the weekend, and looking forward to doing it again this Saturday in Miami.  The event is great because it gives me a chance to train on how your habits really develop.

Here’s how that process actually plays out…

  • From the time you are very young, you receive programming.
  • That programming helps mold your core foundational beliefs about all the important stuff. (Religion, money, relationships, sex, health, happiness.)
  • These core foundational beliefs determine the vision you have for your life.
  • That vision determines the daily habits and actions you take.
  • Those daily habits create your reality.

So to transform your life, you have to start at the beginning, with your programming.  Change the programming and you change everything else.

It ain’t random kids: Your life is the harvest of your thoughts.  Act mindfully.  (And if you aren’t a subscriber to my Power Prosperity Podcast, be sure and do that.  It’s free, and all the cool kids do it.)