The Mozilla Developer Day 2004 took place on February 27th, and coverage of the event has started to filter through to the web. So far the most revealing information is to be found in Brendan Eich’s slide presentation entitled Mozilla Futures. Brendan is Mozilla’s Chief Architect, and incidentally is also the guy who invented Javascript for Netscape back in 1995. His slides show the strategic direction the Mozilla project will be taking over the next year or so and contain some very reassuring news.

Most importantly, it looks like Mozilla’s SVG support will finally be receiving some heavy development time. SVG is seen by the team as a critical component of so called “rich” applications, and combined with XUL could pose a legitimate competitor to Microsoft’s forthcoming XAML (expected some time this decade with the eventual release of Longhorn). Goerge Coa’s presentation, briefly described in this blog entry, talked more about this topic.

The other exciting nugget from Brendan’s slides is that Mozilla looks set to provide integration with more heavy-weight programming languages than Javascript, definitely including Python and possibly including Perl.