This is a continuation of my hand painted tutorial exercises. this time painting crystals. Towards the end I show lots of experimentation with brush blend modes and throughout I show lots of techniques and tips. Say thanks: My website discord server This is for the work I am doing for the game Atlas Empires. Learn more about that here Learn the basics of Blender 2.8 : recommended graphics tablet: I use a graphics tablet to paint with and my recommendations are written below: Ultimate Buyers guide - Normal Graphics Tablets Normal Graphics Tablets *Cheapest + FAVOURITE:* Veikk a15 £40 or $40 US - UK - Gearbest (best price) - Veikk a30 - great alternative is a15 not available Amazon UK - Amazon US- *Most sturdy and with tilt:* Huion h610 pro v2 £55.86 Amazon US - Gearbest best price - Display Tablets *My Favourite* VEIKK VK1560 £255.36 Best price - GearBest Amazon US - Heard good things: Huion Kamvas GT Gearbest - 15 inch £320 Amazon UK - 13 inch Amazon US - 12 inch *Money no object :)* Cintique 22”HD Amazon UK £1,413.78 Amazon US *What I use* Mobile studio pro UK - pro 13 £1600 UK - pro 16 £2000 Amazon US - Learn the basics with this playlist 2.79: Facebook: Twitter: Sketchfab : Patreon :