A VerySpatial Podcast
Shownotes – Episode 497
25 January 2015

Main Topic: Our interview with GIS Cloud‘s Dino Ravnic

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  • the bright sky by jeremy alan happ

  • News
  • US Senate kind of recognizes global warming
  • Galileo upgrade will temporarily impact service
  • OGC adopts IndoorGML
  • Google discontinuing Maps Engine and ME API and Google Maps Coordinate
  • ArcPad 10.2.2 now available
  • Clark Labs released TerrSet in December
  • Microsoft Windows 10 event/HoloLens

  • Web Corner
  • Hangouts with James Fee

  • Main topic
  • This week we feature our conversation with Dino Ravnic, co-founder and CEO of GIS Cloud, as we discuss GIS Cloud’s products and services.

  • Events Corner
  • ESRI Developer Summit: 10-13 March, Palm Springs, CA
  • 2015 Indiana GIS Conference: 12-13 May, Bloomington, IN
  • Geospatial World Forum: 25-29 May, Lisbon, Portugal
  • GEOINT2015: 22-25 June, Washington, DC