Define, translate, wiki the word.

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Define, translate, wiki the word.

Table of Contents

P.S. Inspired by Amazon Kindle's reading experiences.




These are the function calls available.

  • define-it
  • define-it-at-point


About Showing/Displaying

You can customize these variables below for controlling the displayed on the menu.

  • define-it-show-dictionary-definition
  • define-it-show-google-translate
  • define-it-show-wiki-summary

About Output

There are two way of outputing the menu. pop will output it in tooltip. view will output it in the another buffer.

(setq define-it-output-choice 'view)  ; Output with buffer.
(setq define-it-output-choice 'pop)   ; Output with tooltip.

About Google Translate

If you wouldn't want to select the source and destination every time, you should consider set these variables below like this.

(setq google-translate-default-source-language "auto")  ; Auto detect language.
(setq google-translate-default-target-language "en")    ; Set your target language.


If you would like to contribute to this project, you may either clone and make pull requests to this repository. Or you can clone the project and establish your own branch of this tool. Any methods are welcome!