The Apache Jakarta Project finalizes Lucene 1.3

December 26 — The Apache Jakarta Project has released the final version of Lucene 1.3. The Java-based Lucene 1.3 full-text search engine provides bug fixes and has added features including a new method that allows changing the boosting of fields after index creation.

Blitz Project moves into JavaSpaces

December 26 — A new Blitz JavaSpaces implementation is now available. The Jini 2.0-enabled Blitz JavaSpaces implementation eases development and deployment of JavaSpaces technology by providing smart indexing, tunable persistence, and active/passive lease cleanup.

Manning activates XDoclet

December 26 — Manning Publications has released XDoclet in Action by Craig Walls and Norman Richards. The book introduces XDoclet and offers code snippets along with a full-scale Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) example to show readers how to use XDoclet with Enterprise JavaBeans, servlets, and Java Management Extensions (JMX).

Keel Group launches Keel 2.0

December 19 — Keel 2.0, an open source Java server-side metaframework, has been upgraded to include an automated build system that compiles the Java code and simplifies Keel-based application deployment. Keel 2.0 also offers improved data persistence.

JAMon monitors Java apps

December 19 — Java Application Monitor (JAMon) 1.0 is a free Java API that lets developers monitor production applications. JAMon 1.0 can pinpoint application performance bottlenecks and gather user/application interaction statistics. Statistics are then displayed in a report.

FirstSQL mobilizes FirstSQL/J

December 19 — FirstSQL has released its FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile Edition, V2.65. Through partnerships with JVM vendors, the mobile database comes bundled with a JVM. With this combination, developers can create advanced Java database applications on high-end devices using WinCE, PocketPC, and Metrowerks Linux.

IBM and Akamai simplify J2EE app deployment

December 12 — IBM and Akamai offer new software that allows users to more easily deploy Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications across the Akamai global network. Developers can create applications with IBM WebSphere Studio tools and click Deploy to gain access to Akamai's distributed network.

SolarMetric upgrades Kodo JDO

December 12 — SolarMetric's Kodo JDO 3.0 introduces preview features of the upcoming Java Data Objects (JDO) 2.0 specification and provides more options for database queries and improved reporting capabilities with support for aggregates. Attach/detach functionality also eases development of Web-based, client-server and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) applications.

AmberPoint manages Web services

December 12 — AmberPoint's AmberPoint Express monitors, diagnoses, and debugs Java-based Web services built on IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, and Apache Axis. Developers can view and analyze performance bottlenecks and errors in Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) messages and then auto-generate new SOAP messages to tune Web services behavior.

Pramati powers up

December 12 — Pramati Studio 3.5 adds Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)-centric refactoring support, smart coding aids for XML, HTML, Java, and JavaServer Pages (JSP) programming, and an enhanced J2EE Debugger. The product now includes integrated tools for J2EE semantic validation and correction and a J2EE application performance analyzer. A new Pramati Server is also built-into the IDE.

Dirig monitors WebLogic

December 12 — Dirig Software's Dirig Performance Monitor for WebLogic adds support for application monitoring, visualization and real-time performance alerts, and notifications to the WebLogic administration console. The Dirig Performance Monitor exposes Java Management Extensions (JMX) MBeans via new Web pageviews integrated into the WebLogic console, allowing users to view MBean attributes and method-level statistics on servlets, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), and user classes.

Scapa Technologies tests WebSphere and Eclipse

December 12 — Scapa Technologies' Scapa StressTest-Express is an Eclipse-based load testing tool that analyzes the scalability, reliability, and performance of Web applications. It provides integration and interoperability with IBM WebSphere-Express, allows users to dynamically control load and visualize test results through a graphical user interface (GUI), and exports test results to third-party reporting tools.

Ekkon Technologies optimizes MerchantSpace Commerce

December 5 — Ekkon Technologies' MerchantSpace Commerce 2.8 Java-based e-commerce software now includes a revamped Commerce Manager, digital downloads, real-time UPS shipment tracking, tiered pricing/volume discount functionality, support for PayPal payment processing, and dynamic drill-down charting for all reports.

Etnus connects debuggers

December 5 — Etnus's CodeRoad JNI Bridge 2.0 offers debugging of mixed C/C++/Java code that utilizes the Java Native Interface (JNI), providing tight integration between the Etnus TotalView C/C++ debugger and popular Java debuggers.

Koalog reveals Koalog Configurator 0.13

December 5 — Koalog has released Koalog Configurator 0.13. Koalog Configurator allows users to choose preferences in any order and modify them at any time and includes an interactive prioritization module. Koalog Configurator also supports pricing rules so users can define individual configuration item prices depending on user selections.

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