old skool racer black coupe bannerAfter a failed Kickstarter campaign in June, Indian indie-developer Karma Play has decided to launch their classic arcade racing game, Old Skool Racer, on Steam Early Access to help raise funds for the game’s development.

“Old Skool Racer is a complete racing game world that recreates the sheer thrill of classic arcade racing games such as Outrun, Screamer, Star Wars Pod Racer and Wave Race 64. The game is designed to be updated regularly in close cooperation with racing game fans.”

The game features over 30 day and night tracks based on real-world locations such as London, Paris, San Francisco, Nevada, Germany, Borneo, India, and China, among others. Players will be able to choose from multiple single player and multiplayer game modes including Quick Race, Stunt Mode, Combat Mode, Time Trial and Championship. Players will also have the ability to customize their vehicle’s appearance with decals, special parts, and paint them in any color using the Photoshop-style color wheel.

Old Skool Racer will also come with a level editor that will allow players to customize existing tracks or make their own using a wide variety of tools and assets. Check out the official Kickstarter trailer below.

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