The Universim from Crytivo continues pushing through Early Access updates, towards an eventual release later this year. A massive update is out now, which amongst other things adds in some fancy bridges to build.

Crytivo's aim with The Universim is to create what they're calling a "a new breed of God Game", to bring in features from some classic with a modern physics engine and blending in a city-builder. So far, so good. You can build a big beautiful city across an entire planet, and guide your Nuggets a little with various god powers. It oozes charm and the narrator brings some nice comedic value to it.

The latest update is another step forward in the overall content available. While bridges are a great (and needed) addition to the game, personally I'm more excited about the huge Residential overhaul. From the Stone Age to the Modern Age, there's a huge amount more variety in the buildings where your little Nuggets reside. It gives the game that bit more character to it.

See their overview video below:

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Key features of the update:

  • New Residential System
  • Pre-Medieval Glass Factory
  • Medieval Cement Factory
  • Reworked save system for future proofing
  • Medieval Bridge
  • Modern Bridge
  • Camera Controls improvements

It doesn't just have more content, it should be smoother too. They reduced memory usage by a whopping 20%. They also overhauled the sound processing because "Unity's audio system is a mess", now though they say there should be no more weird sound issues and clipping.

Coming up next appears to be a proper Roads system, a HyperLoop transport, organic simulation on planets and the big one Alien Planets. Talking about the upcoming Road system, they said it's not cosmetic and will play an important role. It will increase Nugget movement speed too (with vehicles and all sorts).

The Universim is also screenshot heaven at times, check these out taken today on Linux (click to enlarge):

I can't tell you how excited I am for the finished product here, a multi-planet city-builder with god-sim elements that looks good. The Universim really is turning into a beautiful experience, I just hope they get the space travel/alien parts of it interesting enough.

You can find The Universim on Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

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