Coming Up in Our Series...

In this, the first tutorial of the MDX in Analysis Services series, we attempted to present an introduction to MDX by exposing and discussing fundamental concepts and terms. We explored basic MDX syntax, with practical examples of the use of the language to return information from multidimensional data sources. Using illustrated examples, we covered the return of information about numbers, Basic conversion functions, building expressions that return information about related members based upon using the Current Member as a starting point, and the use of simple conditional tests and comparisons in basic expressions.

Our next tutorials deal with more involved MDX concepts, and with MDX queries, as opposed to MDX expressions, such as those we explored in this first tutorial. MDX queries can select many values from cubes, as opposed to the single values we see generated by separate MDX expressions. We will discuss the purposes of MDX queries as well as new terms that come into play.

We will create basic MDX queries together to get a good feel for the steps and considerations involved in query creation. We will explore the process of returning values with MDX, specifically focusing on the specification of dimensions. Moreover, will revisit member reporting, and expose further means of calculating members based upon the Current Member, as well as the process of selecting empty members to suit various needs.

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