Decentralized organizations tend to utilize many channels of information flow in order to solve complex problems. However, without a way to manage this flow, departments can easily lose sight of the organization's common mission, which leads to information loss. UBM, a global events-led marketing and communications service provider, operates in more than a dozen distinct divisional functions all over Europe, Asia, and North America.  The decentralized nature of the organization made is extremely difficult for employees to connect with peers in different locations and business units in order to share their business experience and expertise. The need to leverage business synergies was more crucial than ever and became the catalyst for igniting a change in the company.

Their vision of a "One-Company" initiative led them to Jive. As a result, UBM went from a federated company with divisional and functional silos to one with a UBM-wide employee enterprise social network, powered by Jive, where transparency and collaboration reign. The impact of social software was apparent within the first 12 months of deployment. As a result, employees were spending less time on administrative work and more time creating and developing new ideas and impactful programs. Get the details of the results that UBM found in this deck: Transforming Company Culture through Social Business