Premium music tracks for your fantasy world. You’ll be covered for full power orchestral boss battles down to brooding dark dungeon ambience. It’s not strictly medieval, though. Try the Battle track for a pirate assault, or Gaia for your mystic indie puzzler. Each track comes with looping versions and alternate mixes. The lite mixes are great options for more subtle music ambience in-game. Bring in the full mixes for your highest action moments, cinematics, or trailers. _______________________ TRACK DESCRIPTIONS: Not Today: An action piece with driving percussion, riffy strings, and big brass hits. Behemoth’s Vengeance: This is one angry orchestra. Blatty brass, intense strings, and the biggest percussion of the set give massive weight to your trailer, boss fight, or climactic ending cutscene. Lore and Legends: A calming track featuring harp, acoustic guitar, and an echo of chant in the distance. Light sparkling ambience gives a sense of mystery. Forgotten Depths & Forgotten Beasts: These two tracks are pure musical darkness. Low piano, washy ambiences, and all manner of bass will bring the dread. Gaia: This track brings you some mysticism with somewhat supernatural textures and processed harp. The Inquisitive Muse: The most civilized cue in the collection, this track is standing upright and features piano and glass instruments. The music also has a lightness that makes it fit in many different situations. Destiny Beckons: This piece sets the emotional stage, featuring a solo cello as well as full orchestra and a strong theme that builds throughout the piece. Use the full mix when setting off on your journey, or switch the the alternate LushMix when your character is reflecting on their story. Willowrun Village: A folksy piece, with several solo instruments and a songlike melody. Light and airy, this could loop all day. Willowrun Tavern: A more energetic rendition of the Willowrun Village tune, this piece will rock your medieval dance party. _________________ No royalties required, you are free to use the music in as many of your projects as you like. A music credit (“Music by Chris Lane”) is always appreciated but never required. For custom music or sound design, contact
Price $20.00