• Ever build a slick, accessible content management system capable of producing pristine semantic XHTML only to see it filled with <font> tags? This cute trick gives the users responsible a shock, and hopefully some motivation to learn.
  • An attempt to find another problem that AJAX can solve. Serve static (cacheable) content to every user, and make AJAX calls to retrieve personalized content. But should we rely on JavaScript for basic personalization features?
  • PDF whitepaper from Backbase about accessibility of single-page AJAX applications that emulate the desktop GUI experience. In short, you can help keyboard and screen magnifier users, but screen readers can’t cope yet.
  • Some pretty unbelievable entries in here, but every single one is clickable and legit. Coincidentally, I’m about to spend a week in Tahoe with my girlfriend… Ahem.
    (tags: business)
  • (via mezzoblue) A mainstream newspaper publishes an article about which web typeface is the most fashionable? Surely this must be a sign to buy stock in something…
    (tags: design)
  • Notes on a keynote presentation given by The Perl Foundation President Bill Odom. Perl still has much to offer mainstream developers, but there is a problem of perception among those developers, most of whom dismiss it out of hand.
    (tags: perl)
  • A line-by-line analysis of the code injection vulnerability that MySpace suffered from yesterday. In short: MySpace allows its users to embed Flash movies, which can cause a browser to execute arbitrary JavaScript code.
  • A brisk but fun introduction to IronPython, an implementation of the Python language that runs on the .NET Framework.
    (tags: python .net)
  • The winner of “best mashup” at Mashup Camp, which just wrapped in Mountain View, California. Displays live weather, forecasts, webcams, and more on a Google Map.
    (tags: apis)
  • The runner-up for “best mashup” at Mashup Camp 2, which just wrapped in Mountain View, California. Makes use of the HotOrNot API to produce an innovative CAPTCHA test that probably shouldn’t be used in production.
    (tags: apis)
  • A new release of Grails, a Rails-inspired Java web application framework based on the Groovy scripting language.
  • With version 4 browsers nearly a dim memory, we can start putting the CSS @import command to good use. One problem it can neatly solve is giving cacheability to dynamic CSS.
    (tags: css php)