00:01:05 – It’s Friday Live
00:01:35 – Breakbox Project – Last day for preorder pricing
00:02:20 – Guild scholarship update
00:03:32 – Thank you to new Patreon subscribers
00:03:43 Jason’s here! https://www.instagram.com/twwjason/
00:04:52 – What’s your decision-making process in selection what joint you use?
00:06:11 – What’s the best way to get alder to resemble mahogany in appearance?
00:07:35 – What’s the best way to fix a tenon that has been trimmed too small?
00:09:00 – Can a utility knife replace a fancy marking knife?
00:10:30 – How far do you design your work in SketchUp before sending it off for the final “guild-ready” version?
00:11:54 – Any plans on some more Greene and Greene projects in the future?
00:13:32 – How much waste do you expect to lose in the milling of rough lumber?
00:15:45 – What’s your mindset when approaching a complicated glue-up?
00:19:40 – How do you handle saw marks on a board?
00:20:45 – What’s your advice on choosing a vice for a workbench?
00:23:29 – What are the differences between side-mounted and bottom mounted drawer slides?
00:25:30 – What’s your favorite finish for cherry?
00:26:38 – How do you manage your work/life balance?
00:29:33 – How’d you start marketing yourself when you started out?
00:33:57 – Does environmental impact affect your wood species choice?
00:35:33 – Do you ever use MDF core for a plywood project?
00:36:55 – What wood would you use to make a replica Mjolnir out of wood?
00:41:15 – Dining chair update
00:42:08 – What’s the best mixture of paint to put into a sprayer?
00:44:20 – What are some complications you’ve run into when cutting large project pieces on the bandsaw for the Hank Chair?

Hank Chair

00:46:25 – Who is Sam Maloof?
00:53:18 – What is the difference between airless and HVLP sprayers?
00:54:45 – Do you have a recommended set of starter tools for woodturning?
00:56:55 – Where can I order plywood online?
00:58:18 – Have you ever thought about opening the show by introducing other well-known woodworkers?
01:00:18 – How do you inventory and organize your fasteners?
01:02:15 – Any problems when adjusting the Lie Nielsen low angle jack plane?
01:04:45 – What’s your opinion on electrical outlets in the floor of a shop?
01:06:05 – What was the very first project you built?
01:09:30 – What finish would you use over water-based paint of a baby crib?
01:10:45 – Essential Joinery hardcover
01:13:10 – Guild project winners! Congratulations!

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