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travel graduation gifts

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  • Many students take the opportunity to travel immediately following graduation.
  • With travel finally reopening, many are especially eager to take a big vacation soon.
  • These travel graduation gifts range from luggage to journals and fit a variety of budgets.

With new jobs, grad school, and other post-grad opportunities looming on the horizon, members of the Class of 2021 have many pressing concerns on their minds.

Plus, students had to grapple with COVID-19 disrupting senior year, and many graduations will still be virtual this year. But with the CDC announcing US travel is safe for those who are vaccinated and the EU in talks to open up for US tourists, the summer is looking up.

For many students, the months right after graduation are one of the few times in their life when they'll be able to travel for weeks on end uninterrupted. If you're grad plans to travel and you're seeking a travel-related graduation gift to help them on their journey, we found a wide range of options to fit the bill.

Whether in the form of an Airbnb gift card, a shiny new suitcase, or a luxurious toiletry bag, these graduation gifts for travelers and jet-setters are both a helpful and hopeful way to show how proud you are of these achievements.

Here are 23 of the best graduation travel gifts:

A mini instant-film camera
travel graduation gifts instax


Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera, $69.99

Sure, grads all have their phones at the ready to snap cute pics, but this is a great way for them to get instant prints while out and about that they can frame or hang up later as a way to fondly look back on a trip. Plus, there's always a fun and spontaneous factor to only having so many takes per roll of film.  

A travel-sized cocktail kit
carry on cocktail kit

Uncommon Goods

Carry-On Cocktail Kit, $24

Cheers to their accomplishments and start their travels off right all in one with this travel-ready cocktail kit. All they'll need is a mini bottle of alcohol and they'll be able to mix up everything from an Old Fashioned to a Moscow Mule from their seat mid-flight.

A way for them to look back on their travel memories
artifact uprising softcover photo book

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising Gift Card, from $20

Artifact Uprising allows you to create incredible photo books, framed prints, calendars, cards, and more with your photos. With a gift card, they'll be able to customize their own book or print with their favorite photos from their trip. 

A chic way to organize travel keepsakes
graduation gifts for travelers travel stub diary

Uncommon Goods

Travel Stub Diary, $14.95

If your grad tends to be someone who likes to cherish and hold on to things like plane tickets, photo prints, city maps, and postcards, this is an elegant way to keep them all organized. Plus, there's room to write notes in the margins so they can also use this as a mini diary or scrapbook of their travels.

The only day-pack they'll need to bring
travel grad gifts

Lo & Sons

Gift the Lo & Sons Edgemont Convertible Backpack Tote, $144

With this minimalist, durable, and eco-friendly backpack tote, new grads receive two bags for the price of one, and each style looks and feels equally great. It features multiple compartments to keep their essentials organized, so they'll never feel lost or flustered while out on a day trip. Despite its ability to hold a surprising amount of stuff, it's always comfortable to carry. 

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Stylish leather stickers to adorn suitcases
travel grad gifts 5


Gift Away Stickers, $15

These lux stickers are made from 100% leather and add a cool personal touch to any travel bag. Away rotates out their selection of sticker options, so check back often to see what new illustrations they have in stock. The "Fast" alphabet collection, pictured above, is usually available and makes a bold choice that suggests your recipient is always excited to explore the next new and exciting destination. 

A double-compartment toiletry kit
travel grad gifts 9


Gift the Leatherology Double Zip Toiletry Bag, $120

A favorite of frequent travelers who like to stay organized but also stylish, Leatherology's toiletry bag has two large zippered compartments to keep different categories of personal care items separate. The large handle on the side is easy to spot and grab out of a suitcase, while the soft, full-grain leather is a significant upgrade from flimsy plastic bags. 

Socks they'll actually find useful
Comrad Compression Socks


Gift the Comrad Knee-High Compression Socks 3-Pack, $62

Compression socks may not seem like a common or exiting gift, but Comrad's are the first exception to the rule because they don't look like compression socks at all. For long flights, they help increase circulation and prevent soreness and swelling, and also happen to look good. Plus, they feature anti-microbial technology, wick away moisture, and maintain the temperature of your feet. 

An organizational accessory they didn't realize they needed
travel grad gifts 4


Gift the Paravel Packing Cube Trio, $55

I don't travel anywhere anymore without using packing cubes (I use these, as well as Away's), and neither will your recipient after they try these simple organizational accessories. Paravel's slick nylon cubes come in four colors and three sizes, allowing owners to pack by type of clothing or outfit. They also double as laundry bags to separate dirty and clean clothes. You can add custom embroidered letters (+$25) to make the cubes feel even more special. 

A travel wallet that also holds a passport
travel grad gifts 8


Gift the Bellroy Travel Wallet, $129

It's the size of a standard wallet, but as one of the best travel wallets, it can somehow still stash 10 cards, a passport, and cash without feeling too bulky. The premium, environmentally certified leather, available in four colors, is beautiful and ages gracefully through travels. 

A soft and comfortable travel pillow that also blocks out light and sound
travel grad gifts 3


Gift the Grand Trunk Hooded Travel Pillow, $19.95

Everyone sees the gorgeous landscapes and landmarks on Instagram. What they don't see are the hours of exhausting travel time it often takes to reach said sites. A few hours of comfortable sleep is one of the best gifts you can give to any jet-setting recipient, and this travel pillow is just the accessory to grant that privilege. Not only does it support the head and neck, but the attached oversized hood also blocks out light and sound. 

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A backpack that fits it all
Tortuga Outbreaker


Tortuga Outbreaker, $269

If your grad plans to go the backpacking route and pack light, this practical and versatile Tortuga Outbreaker can easily carry everything they need for a four- or five-day trip in a comfy backpack that won't weigh them down. We love this pack so much we even named it the overall best travel backpack.

A small case to hold jewelry
travel grad gifts 2


Gift the Mejuri Travel Case, $75

If they want your loved one to be able to wear their favorite jewelry pieces on the go, they can do so easily with a little help from one of our favorite jewelry brands online. This compact leather case has four necklace hooks, six earring holes, and a ring holder — just the right size for a healthy variety of options. It measures 4"x 4" to easily fit in any purse or carry-on, and prevents the frustrating mess of tangled jewelry.  

A custom suitcase with over a million color combination options
travel grad gifts 6


Gift a Roam Gift Card, from $120

No two Roam suitcases look alike. Your grad will be in control of the look of nearly every aspect of their carry-on from the front and back shell down to the wheel hubcaps. A personalized monogram is also free. The polycarbonate suitcases are light, tough, and easy to maneuver, and when personalized with their favorite colors, highly distinctive. 

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Traveler-favorite walking shoes
travel grad gifts 10


Gift the Allbirds Wool Runners, $95

Don't let your loved one hop on the plane without a pair of comfortable, supportive shoes. The sneakers from Allbirds wrap feet in soft, temperature-regulating, and moisture-wicking wool and even feel good without socks. They come in a variety of limited-edition colors, but the classic gray, black, or white are safe bets that will go with any of their casual outfits. 

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Ultra-comfortable and cute flats
travel grad gifts 11


Gift the Everlane Day Glove, $105

Are sneakers too restrictive? The one flat we can truly wear all day long is Everlane's flexible, buttery soft Day Glove, available in no less than 16 neutral and bright colors. It's a prime example of the achievable balance between comfort and versatile style. After a long day spent walking around town, there is no need to change into new shoes for a nice sit-down meal or round of drinks.

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A pocket-sized, hi-res camera
graduation travel gifts dji pocket 2


DJI Pocket 2, $349

This genius device is the ultimate pocket-sized travel companion. It's tiny enough to take on the go but will seriously up their video and photo quality since it can take 64MP photos and 4K/60fps video. Plus, the three-axis gimbal stabilizes the camera for a completely smooth video even moving around. It works on its own or can connect to smartphones for a bigger screen and also has easy options for taking hyperlapse videos, panoramas, and more.

An affordable service that will help them plan out their trip
journy hotel


Gift a Journy Gift Card, from $50

Between the mad rush of graduating, moving out of college apartments, and sorting out post-grad plans, it can be difficult and stressful to plan a trip in the first place. Journy does the grunt work, pairing users with an expert travel advisor to determine the best place to stay, what to see, and what to eat in 75+ destinations, for $25 a day. Using these curated itineraries, recipients won't get caught in tourist traps and will receive the most efficient routes to hit all the spots they want. 

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Lounging joggers to relax in at the end of the day
travel grad gifts 12

Tommy John

Gift the Tommy John Men's Second Skin Lounge Jogger, $84

Gift the Tommy John Women's Lounge Jogger, $78

These joggers from one of our favorite basics startups also function as pajamas and pants to wear on the plane. Anytime legs need to breathe and relax, slip on these soft, lightweight, and comfortable pants. Trust us, it'll be tempting not to wear them all day, every day. 

A collapsible water bottle
travel grad gifts 17

Que Bottle/Instagram

Gift the 12 oz Que Bottle, $19.95

The spiral design of this reusable silicone water bottle isn't just for looks. After finishing a glass of water, it collapses down to a fraction of the full size, taking up less bag space. When carrying so many other things in a carry-on or day pack, recipients will appreciate not feeling weighed down by a huge metal or wasteful plastic water bottle.

A silk eye mask
travel grad gifts 13


Gift the Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Eye Mask, $29

This silky smooth eye mask both blocks out light and prevents travel-stress-induced creases from forming around their eyes. It's cool feeling and is especially ideal for muggy summer nights and adds a sense of luxury, even if staying in the cheapest hostel in the city. 

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An Airbnb gift card
travel grad gifts 18


Gift an Airbnb Gift Card, from $25

If they've already bought their plane tickets, you can still help them find a nice place to stay. Airbnb offers listings for over 1 million homes in 34,000 cities, along with experiences and restaurants to tie the whole trip together. While Airbnb rentals are usually more affordable than hotels, each day still adds up. A $50 or $100 gift card will cut down the burden. 

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A resource to learn a new language
Babbel 2


Gift a Babbel subscription, from $6.95 per month or $159 for a lifetime subscription

Babbel is a subscription-based language learning app and e-learning platform, available in 13 languages for native English speakers. It's a timely option for those with overseas plans on pause, who might still want to prepare for post-quarantine travel. We recently wrote about the best cheap and free online resources to learn a new language, and Babbel was one of our top picks for its affordable language lessons and easy-to-use app. Courses are tailored to users' native tongue and interests from food to travel and builds on the grammar and vocabulary the recipient already knows, with programs created by experts and voiced by native speakers. 

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