Talk recording from Amsterdam JSNation 2019 Conference: # An Introduction to Static Web Apps with JAMStack This past year my team at PayPal began looking at how we could radically improve our developer experience and deliver high-quality applications faster. We landed on an approach we call “static apps” that removes our heavy node layer and replaces it with static markup and JS on a CDN. All of the dynamic content is served over GraphQL APIs. This approach to using JavaScript, APIs and Markup is sometimes referred to as the JAMStack. This talk will walk through some of the challenges we faced with our node.js application servers and how we are trying to solve them by moving to this new model. Performance, stability, security and developer experience concerns will all be highlighted. This talk is for people curious about graphql, gatsbyJS and JAMStack generally as well as those people interested in speeding up the development and deploy process for their teams.