We’ve featured a lot of parking fail videos in the past, but we never cease to be amazed when new ones surface on the internet. While parallel parking is difficult for some drivers, backing out of a parking spot seems to be hard for others as well.

The following video has to be the best example of how not to exit a parking space. The footage shows a motorist that tries to back out her Opel Corsa from a half-empty parking lot somewhere in Europe. Four painfully long minutes pass from the moment she gets in the car until she actually leaves the lot.

The driver tries all sorts of maneuvers, except the right one. Furthermore, she wastes the time of another female driver trying to back out, forcing her to wait more than two minutes for the Corsa to leave the parking lot first.

Despite her poor space awareness, the Corsa driver has to be given credit for not hitting any of the cars in the parking lot. To tell you the truth, I’m still hoping that this was some sort of prank and that drivers like that don’t really exist.

By Dan Mihalascu