Macromolecular viewer for crystallographers (WebGL)

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UglyMol is a web-based macromolecular viewer focused on electron density.

It makes models and e.den. maps easy to recognize, navigate and interpret -- for crystallographers. It looks like Coot and walks (mouse controls) like Coot. But it's only a viewer. For situations when you want a quick look without downloading the data and starting Coot. For instance, when screening Dimple results in a synchrotron. Of course, for this to work, it needs to be integrated into a website that provides the data access (see the FAQ on how to do it).

Try it:

It also has a reciprocal space spin-off.

UglyMol is a small (~3 KLOC) project forked from Nat Echols' xtal.js. The plan is to keep it small. But if you're missing some functionality, it won't hurt if you get in touch -- use Issues or chat or email.

See the Wiki for more information.