Information collection and processing can be a time suck for analysts.

Recorded Future recently released new event list functionality that enables users to curate collections of events that can be visualized and delivered as standalone intelligence products.

How to Use Event Lists

We recently introduced event lists to Recorded Future for saving and analyzing sets of events deemed interesting by an analyst. This functionality allows analysts to collect individual events in the same space for further analysis.

For example, an analyst might want to tag multiple events from two very different queries about Microsoft: one regarding the company’s acquisition history and another related to its management reorganization during the past 12 months.

Save Single Event to List

As shown above, one can select a set of events for addition to an event list in order to produce a concise timeline of key events selected by the analyst.

Event List Timeline

Once you create a new event list, it lives in the My Work space just like reports, entity lists, alerts, and exports. Simply click My Work in the header of Recorded Future and navigate to the link that reads “Event lists.”

Event List in My Work

Analyze Event Lists in Any Visualization

Why add entities to a list? It’s a powerful way to produce intelligence products that are annotated and can then exported for delivered upstream or distributed to customers. Event lists are also useful for eliminating noise that may arise in research on popular topics and allow analysts to focus on the a select set of events they know are important.

The first example in this post shows a timeline created from a list of events identified about Microsoft. We can take this same concept into the domain of cyber threat intelligence and leverage event lists in Recorded Future’s network or table view.

Ready to try it out? Fire up the how-to article on our support site and then login to your Recorded Future account.

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