• Justin Palmer’s Encytemedia blog is fast becoming the unofficial source for the latest information about Prototype. Here he dissects a bunch of new updates that have just made their way into the development version of the library.
    (tags: javascript)
  • An analysis of what increases in the prevalence of tabbed browsing mean to services and tools designed to analyze the behaviour of visitors on your site. Nothing earth-shattering, but worth being aware of if you work in the field.
    (tags: business)
  • Flash Player 9 for Linux is slated for release early in 2007, with a beta release before that.
    (tags: flash)
  • Barring an unforeseen critical bug, Firefox 2.0 Beta 2 will be out Thursday, August 31st.
    (tags: firefox)
  • Contrary to what has been previously rumoured, Internet Explorer 7 will not be a forced update for Windows XP upon its release later this year. IE7 will be offered via Windows Automatic Updates, but it will not be forced like Service Pack 2.
    (tags: ie)
  • An alliance of interested parties has launched a contest to design a logo for Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). The contest is not endorsed or sponsored by the W3C, but Opera is involved, and some of the prizes are pretty cool.
    (tags: svg design)
  • A simple, but effective summary of producing the subtle, high-saturation gradients that are all the rage in web design right now.
    (tags: design)
  • Adobe is celebrating 10 years since the first release of Flash in 1996 with a rich, interactive video history of the platform. Check it out!
    (tags: flash)