Klein Demo Driver Action

The other day, we talked a little about demo-style Phillips screwdrivers. There are some applications for an overbuilt demo-style Phillips driver, although slotted screwdrivers are more abusable and worthy of such “demo” designations.

But, the consensus of the comments is that demo Phillips screwdrivers are completely unnecessary.

In a comment, Cole says “I think demo just had an appealing ring to the marketing department.” And then Steven added “In reality I can call any tool ‘demo’.

So let’s have some fun with this. What tools would sound silliest or most appropriate to be overbuild and described as a “demo” tool? Here are my ideas:

  • Demo magnifying glass!
  • Demo Tweezers!
  • Demo scroll saw
  • Demo non marring pipe wrench!

Well, that last one isn’t as good, because it’s not unreasonable to imagine an overbuild pipe wrench, although non-marring ones are generally designed for installation of delicate-surfaced fixtures. But hopefully you get the idea.

So what do you think would be most inappropriate to be redesigned as a demo-grade tool?