Learn How To Prevent, Detect Respond & Recover From Phishing Attacks

Phishing Prevention: Be Suspicious and Don’t Get Hooked

Webinar: Thursday, November 3rd at noon PT/3pm ET

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  • James Carnall, Vice President, Cyber Security Center, LookingGlass
  • Greg Ogorek, Senior Director, Cyber Security Operations, LookingGlass

Although it’s been around for years, phishing is still one of the most common and effective online scams – and it just continues to grow. In Q1 2016 alone, phishing attacks grew approximately 250 percent. There were more phishing attacks during that three-month span than any other since 2004.

Phishing scams are increasingly difficult to detect. Using information freely available on the internet about you or your organization, cyber criminals carefully craft a message that contains real information that you are inclined to trust. It can come to you in many ways including emails, SMS messages, phone calls, or impersonating websites. Often, there is a sense of urgency that’s paired with a message that makes you react with your emotions instead of thinking. So, how do you protect yourself and your organization from phishing scams?

Join LookingGlass cyber security experts James Carnall and Greg Ogorek as they explore the world of phishing scams and phishing protection solutions. To set the context, the diverse types of phishing scams will be outlined along with very realistic examples that make these lures come to life. Next, we will investigate the growing risks by highlighting the changing cyber threat landscape specifically attributed to phishing. We will wrap up by discussing a wide range of phishing protection solutions.

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