Despite the perception that most workers spend their days staring at the same four walls, we know that the modern workplace is not all about the office. Many of us at some point will find ourselves away from our desks, for training, site visits, or meetings, both at home and abroad.


With 3G connectivity, your smartphone and the Samsung Gear S can be still connected in any circumstance. It means Gear S has independent functionality so you don't have to carry anything else. You are wearing all you need to stay connected right there.


This provides the freedom of the smartphone to your wrist, and with a GPS mapping capability you can be away from your office or away from your smartphone.


In developing the Gear S, we have partnered with HERE, an industry leader in navigation and mapping experiences to provide turn-by-turn walk navigation and public transit routing.


Gear S


The app provides a complete stand-alone experience, including the ability to store map data locally on the device and use it offline for navigation, directions and search, so you can feel secure that you will have access to your stored info even if you stray into a mobile black spot.


To get the most out of Navigator on your Samsung Gear S, you can also pair it with a new app called HERE (beta) developed for the Samsung Galaxy family of devices. With the app you can conveniently plan and calculate routes for walking and public transit on your phone and then send them to your smartwatch. The app will be made available for download from the Samsung GALAXY App Store when the Samsung Gear S hits stores.


Gear S_navigation


Available at no cost to Samsung Galaxy users, HERE (beta) offers among other features:


• Offline Navigation: turn-by-turn drive or walk guidance without an internet connection for almost 100 countries;


• Detailed maps for download to use offline with your Samsung Galaxy;


• Public transport maps and directions for over 750 cities in more than 40 countries available without an internet connection and live traffic information for more than 40 countries.


We are committed to providing people with the best possible mobile experiences and we always look for partners to further enhance our wearable experience. The partnership with HERE brings innovative, personalized mapping pedestrian navigation services to the Samsung Gear S.


When your business and your employees need to get places, Samsung Gear S will help allow them to travel light and still stay connected every step of the way.



*All functionality features, specifications, and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.