Sponsored by: Terbium Labs — Try Matchlight for free. Fully automated, full private Dark Web Data Intelligence.Weekly update 7 (the island edition)

Apparently, after doing several weekly updates from different locations across the globe, last week's one from my home office was rather boring. Now maybe that was just a noisy minority saying that, I don't know, but I thought I'd test the theory and this week I headed out on jet ski to one of my favourite little island spots. I still got all the same content in, albeit from a more interesting spot. If you love or hate this approach, let me know, I'm still seeing what resonates and what doesn't in these videos.

Getting back to business, this week I cover off issues such as my experience with the Apple Store wanting my unlocked phone, the Creative Commons with Attribution license on HIBP, a new Pluralsight course I've done on Octopus Deploy and my very shiny Ubiquiti network bits. Here's the video - the sunniest one I've done to date!


  1. Apple's shoddy security example and unlocked devices (no way, no how am I giving my unlocked phone to anyone whilst they take it out of my sight)
  2. I put a Creative Commons Attribution license on HIBP (yes, people were really just sitting on top of the API and selling access to the service I built for free)
  3. New Pluralsight "Play by Play" course on Octopus Deploy (watch Damo and I go through the awesomeness that is Octopus Deploy)
  4. All the details about my new Ubiquiti network (you want this - trust me - you really want this!)

Bonus material

Because the island itself isn't enough awesome, I captured this on Periscope as I was heading over: