Sky is the Limit for Cloud Foundry at AirFrance-KLM - Nathan Wattimena & Fabien Lebrere, AirFrance-KLM

AFKLM has mandate to setup large innovative solutions to support AF & KLM. It covers platform think, build and run both as several instantiations while keeping homogeneity and reducing costs and snowflakes.

As part of a global cloud native transformation across AFKLM, businesses and IT teams - Kaps4Biz was launched and encompasses topics from CI/CD developer ecosystem tools to actual containers and cloud native platform.

Adopting Cloud Foundry as a part of it immediately made sense - as long as the underlying larger strategic streams could be mapped for the long term:
- developer onboarding and project facilitation for several thousands of them
- rich catalog of service with a mix of build, buy & integrate strategy
- operational excellence for keeping the platform and apps running at scale on private cloud
- vendor neutrality and skill center development
- innovation acceleration for cloud native, microservices and container-first architecture
- simple rollout of a reference architecture at global scale

Come hear about our journey to start and measure success in transforming AFKLM how we leveraged and expanded the specifics of Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Pivotal DOJOs implementation approach and the Cloud Foundry partner ecosystem to rollout a new way of working for developers & operators at AFKLM.