🔨 Art design theme for write and show.

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Art Design Theme

"AD" means Art Design. It's a modern theme for current screen and browser. You can preview at



With the popularity and further development of ES6, CSS3 and HTML5, and the gradual improvement of the color capabilities of electronic screens, this theme was born.

  • Directions: Make full use of the four directions of the computer screen up, down, left and right. Navigation bar, function bar, sharing bar, and article directory are placed separately.
  • Multi-column: built-in single-column, double-column display style, automatic response to screen width changes.
  • Color: The website uses a total of 20 main colors, each of which is divided into 10 types from light to heavy. So, total number is 20*10 = 200.
  • Icon: Use the icon provided by the open source project "FontAwesome".
  • Mobile: Take advantage of CSS3 and modern browsers to make it perform well (just a small amount of style code).
  • Highlight: 5 kinds of code highlighting styles provided by "Tomorrow-Theme".