Bivariate histogram plot from polar coordinates / position vectors.Esentially, the coordinates are converted to cartesian coordinates and fed toHISTOGRAM2. A polar-coordinate grid is then drawn in order to mimic a polar plot.The properties and methods of this class are intended to mimic a polar plot like itis created by POLARAXES and properties with the same name, such as 'ThetaDir', mimicthe behavior of a real POLARAXES. Note that this has limitations and might not workflawlessly. Properties may be specified via Name-Value pairs during plotconstruction or set post-hoc using dot-notation or set(obj, param, val). HISTOGRAM2is called with the parameters {'DisplayStyle', 'tile', 'ShowEmptyBins', 'off','EdgeColor', 'none'}, which can be overridden by specifying the respectiveName-Value pairs during plot creation or by accessing the returned object's property'Histogram'. Optional Name-Value pairs of this function support those specifiedbelow and all Name-Value pairs as accepted by HISTOGRAM2.Syntax: histogram2Polar(theta, rho); histogram2Polar(theta, rho, binWidth); histogram2Polar(theta, rho, binWidth, Name, Value); histogram2Polar(target, ___); h = histogram2Polar(___);[...] (See documentation and GitHub repository)