She cast a final glance at the full-length mirror.

The black leather skirt hugged all the right places; the sheer black top with the lace bra peeking through added a bit of enticement. Her stylish heels showed off her legs to their best advantage, and her hair and makeup were perfect.

Thirty minutes later, she was handing her keys to the valet with a smile and following the walkway to the front door of the stately home. She knocked on it and handed her membership card to the young man who opened it.

“Have a great evening,” he said with a wink.

“Thanks. I’ll do my best.”

She walked into the great room and glanced around, catching the eyes of several people she knew. She nodded and smiled, giving a wave here and a wink there, then moved toward the bar. Grabbing a club soda, she continued along the edges of the crowd and stopped to speak to a few friends along the way.
Eventually, she found herself at the doors leading to the side terrace. As she stood enjoying the warm evening breeze, her eyes came to rest on him.

He was tall, with a substantial body, and his dark hair was neatly cut. He was casually dressed in designer jeans and a crisp white shirt, but had finished his look with a black tailored jacket. She liked the image he presented and let her eyes linger on him.

As she enjoyed the view, he turned and looked right at her. She smiled and he continued to look until someone tapped his arm and his focus shifted. That just gave her more of a chance to watch him.
After a few moments, her attention was drawn away by an old acquaintance that materialized from the crowd. She greeted him and engaged in a bit of polite conversation and catching up. The whole while, though, she could only think of extricating herself from the chatter so she could return to watching the tall stranger.

At last, her friend kissed her hand and disappeared back into the crowd. She turned back toward the terrace doors, hoping the stranger was still there—and he was standing right beside her. She was taken aback for a moment.

“I was admiring your outfit when I got interrupted,” he said, warmly.

“Thank you. I’m surprised you were able to see it with the crowd here tonight.”

“Yes, it’s quite busy and it’s still early,” he replied. “Would you care to dance?”

“That’d be lovely.” She found herself smiling up at him.

“Inside or out?”

“Your choice—I’m good either way.”

He offered his hand and escorted her out to the terrace.

“Probably a better atmosphere for dancing out here, even if the people-watching is not as good.” He grinned and took her in his arms.

She wasn’t often at a loss for words, but the touch of his hands seemed to take away her ability to speak. Luckily, he led the conversation, giving her a moment to settle herself.

“This place is sort of special to me; it’s where I attended my very first play party,” he told her.

“Yes, it’s been around for quite a long time,” she replied, her brain finally functioning again. “I don’t get out as much as I used to, but I always enjoy coming here. You’re an excellent dancer, by the way.”

“It feels good to twirl you around,” he said with a chuckle. “Besides, I always find dancing to be an excellent ice breaker. I’m Daniel, by the way.”

“Daniel,” she repeated. “I’m Emalee.”

“Emalee, it’s a pleasure.” He smiled down at her again and she had to remind herself to breathe.

“What kind of work do you do?” she inquired.

“I work in the tech industry, managerial stuff. And you?”
“I’m a writer.”

“Ooh, really? What inspires you as a writer?”

“People. Always. Their thoughts and desires,” she explained.

“And do you write about thoughts and desires?” His eyes twinkled.

“I write erotica almost exclusively, so I guess the answer to that is yes.”
They both laughed, and he moved her effortlessly around the dance area, holding her close.

“May I confess something, Emalee?”

“If you wish.”

“When I was looking at you earlier, I noticed that you’re dressed in a way that’s sexy but understated—and that makes it even sexier to me. It makes me think that you don’t need to put it all out there because you’d rather be discovered and appreciated by someone willing to take the time.”

She looked up at him. “I have to say, Daniel, I’m impressed. That’s a pretty damn good description of me.”

He smiled broadly and smoothed a piece of her hair that had been stirred by the breeze.
“I also have to confess that you have shoulders I would love to brush my lips against while dancing slowly.”

“I’d move on that desire if I were you,” she answered with soft smile and a raised eyebrow.
He turned her in his arms so that her back was against his chest and swayed with her. She felt his soft lips and a little scratch of stubble against her skin, right where her shoulder met her neck.

“Hmm, there’s an ear here too…”


“Mmhmm…to whisper into, to ask you about the inspiration for your stories,” he whispered.

“There are lots of sources of inspiration, Daniel—some sheer fantasy, some drawn from real life,” she said quietly. “I’ve had a man on his knees at my feet, obeying my slightest command. I’ve knelt obediently and been smacked with a belt for the pleasure of an owner. I’ve tied a lover to a bedpost and had my way…”

“I hope you took your time,” he interrupted.

“I always take my time.”

“So you like to explore.” His lips wandered slowly over her skin.

“I’ve done a thing or three,” she murmured.

“I enjoy details.” He growled into her ear.

“That’s where the devil is, they say.”

“So true,” he sighed, placing kiss after kiss along her neck.

“I like the way your hands are holding me around the ribs so gently,” she offered. She could feel him looking at her breasts from over her shoulder.

“What else would you like them to be doing?” He moved his hands up so they rested just under her breasts. “What is your desire, Emalee?”

“Hold them gently, as if they were treasure.”

He supported them gently and brushed a thumb across each nipple. She leaned back against him, a soft gasp escaping her lips.

“There’s another place I’d like to touch,” he whispered into her ear.
She barely managed to exhale and ask, “Where?”

“Your belly…so soft, my hand running over it. A finger circling your navel, feeling your smooth skin.”
He turned her body to his, kissing her slowly and passionately. Her soft tongue slipped past his lips to tease him while his hands caressed her back.
He pulled back from her mouth then and brought her close to him, her face against his chest. She planted a kiss on the triangle of skin that showed through his open shirt and nuzzled him, breathing in his scent.
“Your cheek feels hot, Emalee; are you alright?”
“I think you’ve raised my temperature, Daniel,” she said, softly.
“Is that a bad thing? Is there anything I can do to help you?” he asked innocently.
“Oh, no, not bad…although if it should continue to rise, I might need some special attention.” She rested her hand on his chest as she gave him a smoldering look.
“Does that help?

“It actually makes me feel even warmer.”
He took her hand and guided it over the muscles of his abdomen.

“How about this?”

“Definitely warmer,” she said with a nod.
He lifted her face and kissed her sweetly.

“If you could kiss a spot on my body right now, where would you choose?”

After a moment of thought, she reached up to touch him and said, “Right here, at the base of your neck where this little hollow is. I’d kiss it softly, then lick it with my tongue.”
He growled again.

“May I choose a spot on you?”

“Oh, please do, Daniel,” she purred.

“I’d peel back the fabric from your sweet belly, kneel down and kiss all around your navel, then dip my tongue.”

She could imagine him doing it as he spoke the words.

“Now a selfish version of the question. Where would you pick for me to kiss?”

“Here,” she said without hesitation, running a finger around her nipple, “lightly between your lips. And you?”

He took her hand and slid it under his shirt, stopping right above his waistline. She felt his muscles ripple at her touch and she began to move her hand around, reaching upward toward his pecs. She ran a thumb over one of his nipples and felt it tighten.

He leaned down and kissed her deeply as she enjoyed her exploration, and she could feel the heat pouring off both of them.

“You’ve set me on fire, Daniel, and I think you might have to provide that special attention I mentioned earlier.”

He raised one eyebrow in response.

“Well, let’s find somewhere more private and take care of that.”

They went back into the house and found a cool, quiet room on the third floor that was unoccupied. He locked the door then took her in his arms, feeling her body pressing against him, the heat of her on his skin.

“Let’s make you more comfortable,” he said, finding the zipper on her sheer blouse and lowering it slowly. He peeled the layer of fabric from her body and placed it to the side, then unhooked her lace bra and slid it down her arms. He stepped back to take her in with his eyes. She could feel her nipples hardening as the cool air whispered over her flushed skin.

“Do you enjoy being watched by a man, Emalee?”

She nodded, and he took a moment to remove his shoes and shirt before climbing onto the large four-poster bed.

“Join me, Emalee; kneel here,” he said, indicating a spot on the corner of the mattress. “But remove the rest of your clothing first.”

She unzipped her skirt and slowly pulled her panties down her legs before stepping out of them. She thought she heard a low moan come from him.

Once on the bed, she knelt with her legs parted.

He looked at her for a long time, his eyes lingering over every part of her body. He drew nearer.
“So beautiful, I want to see each and every part of you up close,” he murmured.

He extended his hand and helped her to stretch out on the bed beside him. Leaning over her, his mouth closed around her nipple. He kissed it, then drew it between his lips and sucked at it. She closed her eyes and sighed with pleasure, and he leaned across and took the other nipple into his mouth. Rising to his knees, he towered above her, a hand drifting down to her belly.

“I haven’t forgotten what I said earlier, Emalee.”

He placed his lips at the bottom of her breastbone and kissed and licked downward until he reached her navel. He swirled his tongue around and then dipped it in, and she felt her insides clench tightly. He continued his downward exploration and she began moving beneath him, almost imperceptibly.

He was between her knees now, and his hands parted her thighs. He could smell her sweet perfume and her arousal, and the combination was intoxicating.

“Oh yes,” he said, “We should definitely have a look here…”
He moved his face closer and used his thumbs to spread her folds, taking in the sweet pinkness of the inner flesh. She quivered and looked down the length of her body at him. A wicked smile lit his face.

“I think I’ve found the source of the heat,” he said.

Spreading her a bit more, he brought his mouth down on her exposed clitoris, gliding his tongue over it with slow appreciation. She quivered and whimpered as he drew it between his lips, sucking hard. As she moaned, he licked up each side of her lips again and again, watching her undulate and squirm. She took one of her nipples between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed hard and his cock came to immediate attention, straining against his jeans.

“I’d love to explore more deeply, Emalee,” he said in smoky tones.

“I like the sound of that, Daniel.”

He set her legs down and climbed off the bed, pulling her gently to the edge. He unzipped his jeans and tossed them and his briefs aside. As she watched, he slid his cock between her lips and up onto her belly. She almost came right then.

“Will this do?” he asked, rubbing his balls against her wetness and reaching up to tease a nipple.
“Yes, please,” she whispered, raising her hips towards him.

He pulled back, rolled on a condom, and slid himself inside her, thrusting slowly in and out. His fingers teased and tortured her nipples, and she moaned and whimpered beneath him.

“I need to be deeper, Emalee,” he said, and gently rolled her over and set her on her knees. Climbing onto the bed behind her, he pushed down softly on her back as his pulsing cock found her waiting pussy and slipped inside again. He began to thrust deeply, and she was grinding against him in response.

“I want your beautiful breasts to be rocking, my hot girl,” he said, raising her up again. He fucked her hard, established a quick tempo. She felt her breasts smacking against her body and she groaned loudly.

“That’s right,” he murmured, reaching out a hand to take her hair and hold it. “We’re on fire, Emalee.”
His hands, his cock, his body rolling against hers…she didn’t know how much more she could take, but she didn’t want it to end.

“I think we need to release that heat, don’t you?”

“Oh, god, yes…please…Daniel.” She was moaning and pleading and lost in a sea of sensations.
He moved her slightly and she felt his cock angle against the front of her pussy. A half dozen thrusts and she was shaking and whimpering, the pleasure building, almost too much to bear, threatening to push her right over the edge…

He grabbed her hips then and rammed into her with the full length of his cock, punishing her, filling her, sending her soaring out into space—flying.

Her body burst into a thousand pieces, convulsing as the orgasm took her. She could hear herself crying, screaming his name.

“Ohhh, god, Daniel!”

He fucked her relentlessly until the juices poured forth from her, soaking him, anointing him. Her pussy grabbed at his cock again and again, wild and feral, and she came over and over, with him whispering sweet and dirty encouragements in her ear.

Only when he sensed she was nearly spent, did he push her down against the mattress and take his own pleasure.

“I’m going to fill you with my fire now, Emalee. I can’t wait another second.”

He rode her deep and fast, listening to her words and cries of passion, and roared as he came inside her. He had to throw his arms out to catch himself as his cock throbbed and spurted hard. His heart and head were pounding, and the muscles of his legs were quivering when he was done.

Pulling back, he took a moment to steady himself then rolled Emalee into his arms, cradling her.
“Feeling cooler?”

“For the moment,” she laughed, sliding her arm across his body. They lay silently for several minutes, just breathing and relaxing.

“I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am that I took the chance and walked up to you tonight, Emalee,” he said sincerely.

“So am I, Daniel. I know it probably sounds crazy, but when my eyes found you, I felt my intuition kick in.”

“It doesn’t sound crazy to me. I have a strong sense of intuition too, and it’s usually pretty accurate.”

He held her close, kissing her hair.

“So, I’m curious, Daniel. What’s your intuition telling you now?” she asked.

He lifted her face so that he was looking directly into her eyes.

“It’s telling me I shouldn’t let you walk away, that I should take the time to discover more about you, to appreciate all of your many facets. How do you feel about that?”

“I’d say we’re intuitively in agreement,” she said, leaning in and kissing him deeply.


Writer of erotica, educator, facilitator, active switch and polyamorist, Skye’s introduction to the scene was late but incredibly satisfying – sort of like pizza delivery! When she’s not crafting her newest sensual story, she can be found at live events on the east coast, flying around the virtual world facilitating discussions about online and real time BDSM, and reading the latest research on kink. You can find more of her writing at her site, The Moonlit Pillow.

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