A promise made several weeks ago White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is making the rounds — as President Donald Trump’s administration has now failed to hit a target date for a coronavirus vaccine.

On Sept. 17, Meadows told reporters outside the White House that the plan was for 100 million doses of a vaccine would be “ready to go” by Oct. 31.

“In terms of the number of vials, what we’re shooting for is to try to make sure that we have 100 million doses in that first tranche,” Meadows said. He added, “100 million doses is one-third of the population. That’s pretty wide distribution, when you look at that, and that’s October … we believe that we could get the vast majority of those at risk with a distribution model that would be available at the end of October.”

Meadows further stated that the vaccine would be ready for full distribution in January.

Those comments drew attention at the time, because it directly contradicted the timeline put out by CDC Director Robert Redfield one day earlier before Congress. Redfield told a Senate committee that the vaccine wouldn’t be available in such a significant quantity until the late spring or summer of 2021.

The first doses of a vaccine still appear to be several months away. Pfizer recently said it expects to have 40 million by the end of the year. Moderna believes it will have 20 million ready by January.

But with the end of October now here, and the vaccine not ready — and seemingly not yet that close — the remarks from Meadows are gaining renewed attention. Here’s a sampling of the reaction: