The latest CIO Magazine has a superbly cautionary tale of project management done in the worst possible way. According to the article, the project problems may have cost the company upto $100 million in revenue and shaved off significant stock price value before the company was sold to Cingular. The story presents several extremely cliched but nonetheless true business maxims:

For one, it's unwise to freight major system upgrades with external complications. AT&T Wireless's CRM upgrade was hamstrung from almost the very beginning by rumors of outsourcing deals and future layoffs. These rumors generated pervasive morale problems that hurt the productivity of project staff. Second, it should be understood that complex projects require flexible deadlines. AT&T Wireless undertook a difficult upgrade that affected roughly 15 systems just before it was faced with an immovable deadline-the federally mandated Nov. 24 number portability date. Finally, it always pays to have a plan B. Without one, AT&T Wireless was forced to move forward even as it became apparent that its upgrade would not be completed in time.

You really ought to read the whole thing. NULL