Late in 2016, developer Green Lava Studios released My Name is Mayo on the PlayStation Store for $1. At the price of $1, players gained access to a game whose primary task involves tapping a jar of mayo. It’s, thus, considered among the easiest Platinum trophies to get. And now the tapping mayo game is mounting its return. Green Lava Studios plans to release a sequel, My Name is Mayo 2, on the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. When the title will launch isn’t clear as of yet, but it is “coming soon.”

The studio announced the sequel in a brand-new teaser trailer. Check it out in the video linked below:

The trailer itself is… interesting, to say the least. It seems pretty dour, noting how the world has changed since last we saw the titular jar of mayo. And, apparently, the mayo has endured change of some sort, too.

My Name is Mayo kicked up quite the storm when it originally released four years ago. Again, the object is to tap a jar of mayo thousands of times. There are a number of Trophies that even ask players to dress the jar in new attire, like a bikini, and continue tapping.

Thus, the controversy stemmed from developers making easy-to-Platinum games and selling them on PSN. Some PlayStation faithful thought the overt simplicity diminished the value of Trophies in general, especially since players can double dip and stack Trophies with My Name is Mayo’s PS Vita version. Will the same drama resurface following the sequel’s eventual release? We’ll have to wait and see.

My Name is Mayo 2 currently lacks a firm due date, but will hit the PS4 and PC via Steam sometime soon.

[Source: Green Lava Studios]

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