6. Double-click the Order Details table to open it.

The Order Details table opens, as partially shown in Illustration 4.

Illustration 4: The Order Details Table (Partial View)

We see that the information we want to drive and present in our example, Net Price, for each of the line items, is composed of data currently existing in two separate fields, Unit Price and Discount, as we have indicated. Now that we have a precise understanding of the source fields involved, let's close the Order Details table.

7. Close the Order Details table.

We are returned to the Database Window.

8. Click the Queries icon in the left pane.

9. Click the New button that appears in the menu, as shown in Illustration 5 below.

Illustration 5: Select New to Create a New Query

The New Query dialog appears, as shown in Illustration 6.

Illustration 6: The New Query Dialog

10.         Select Design View to create a query without using a wizard.

11.         Click OK.

The Show Table dialog appears atop the Select Query dialog, where our actual query construction will take place.

12.         Select Order Details from the tables list.

13.         Click OK.

The Select Query dialog is populated with our selected table, as shown in Illustration 7.

Illustration 7: The Populated Select Query Dialog (Composite View)