Ion Hazzikostas Response to Rumored Second Secret Mythic N'Zoth Phase
During the Ny'alotha World First Race, theories were buzzing around that N'Zoth had a second secret chamber phase at the 25% mark. Ion Hazzikostas responded to this theory in a tweet recently to clarify that it was never the case and Limit had encountered a bug.

HandyNotes - Visions of N'Zoth Addon
Visions of N'Zoth has a lot to keep track of, and this HandyNotes plugin addon helps a lot as you fly around assaults and explore the content of 8.3! Note that this addon needs the HandyNotes addon to run. The Visions of N'Zoth plugin has a multitude of different useful displays, but here are the most helpful. For a full rundown on what it can do, check out the addon page.

  • Displays rare mobs that spawn during the assault on your map indicated by a skull.
    • If the skull is blue, you still have a collectible that hasn't been looted yet from that particular mob.
    • Hovering over the skull will display information on the NPC, including lighting up its multiple spawn points and showing noteworthy loot it can drop.
  • Shows the location and name of the 6 events in each assault for the day, indicated by a yellow pin on your map.
    • These pins will update daily when the assault dailies reset.
  • Displays the different spawn locations for all lootable chests during the assault.
    • Regular chests show up as a chest icon on the map.
    • The once-per-assault locked coffers show up as a spiked chest icon on the map.
  • Both the Elusive Quickhoof and Friendly Alpaca NPCs needed to get the respective mounts are displayed on the map with an alpaca icon. Hovering over this will show an overlay with the multiple different spawn points on the map.
  • Horrific Vision maps display the locations of mailboxes for the Mail Muncher mount as well as other notable areas with collectibles.

Fan Art - Vulpera Class Specific Heritage Armor Concepts
Arthur Lorenz is back again, this time with fan made concept art for class specific Vulpera heritage armor! Check it out by clicking the banner below. For more amazing concept fan art, visit the Arthur Lorenz ArtStation!

Dark Legacy Comics #714
DLC #714 has been released!