Mobile Coupon Examples


Looking for examples of brands that are using mobile coupons? If so, you’ve come to the right place, as Tatango has put together 28 examples of some of the top brands using mobile coupons.

The age old question though with mobile coupons is how are you supposed to get those mobile coupons into the hands of customers? With the average SMS open rate being 99%, and the average SMS click-through being 36%, the best answer is by sending an SMS message to customers, with a link to your mobile coupon. Need some examples of brands doing just this, sending SMS messages with links, that when clicked, take customers to a mobile coupon? If you’re looking for mobile coupon examples like this, man have we got a treat for you today!

Below are 28 mobile coupon examples from some of the top brands. Enjoy!


#01 – Belk Mobile Coupon

BELK SMS Coupon Example     BELK Mobile Coupon Example


#02 – Fred Meyer Mobile Coupon

Fred Meyer SMS Coupon Example     Fred Meyer Mobile Coupon Example


#03 – Payless Shoes Mobile Coupon 

Payless Shoes SMS Coupon Example     Payless Shoes Mobile Coupon Example


#04 – Wet Seal Mobile Coupon 

Wet Seal SMS Coupon Example     Wet Seal Mobile Coupon Example


 #05 – Abercrombie & Fitch Mobile Coupon

Abercrombie & Fitch SMS Coupon Example     Abercrombie & Fitch Mobile Coupon Example


 #06 – Babies “R” Us Mobile Coupon

Babies R Us SMS Coupon Example     Babies R Us Mobile Coupon Example


#07 – Bloomingdale’s Mobile Coupon

Bloomingdale's SMS Coupon Example     Bloomingdale's Mobile Coupon Example


#08 – JoAnn Fabrics Mobile Coupon

Joann Fabrics SMS Coupon Example     Joann Fabrics Mobile Coupon Example


#09 – National Wholesale Liquidators Mobile Coupon

National Wholesale Liquidators Mobile Coupon Example     National Wholesale Liquidators SMS Coupon Example


#10 – 7-Eleven Mobile Coupon

7-Eleven Mobile Coupon Example     7-Eleven SMS Coupon Example


#11 – Bed Bath & Beyond Mobile Coupon

Bed Bath & Beyond SMS Coupon Example     Bed Bath & Beyond Mobile Coupon Example


#12 – Stage Mobile Coupon

Stage SMS Coupon Example     Stage Mobile Coupon Example


#13 – Gilly Hicks Mobile Coupon

Gilly Hicks SMS Coupon Example     Gilly Hicks Mobile Coupon Example


#14 – American Eagle Outfitters Mobile Coupon

American Eagle Outfitters SMS Coupon Example     American Eagle Outfitters Mobile Coupon Example


#15 – JC Penny’s Mobile Coupon

JC Pennys SMS Coupon Example     JC Pennys Mobile Coupon Example


#16 – Target Mobile Coupon

Target SMS Coupon Example     Target Mobile Coupon Example


#17 – Avenue Mobile Coupon

Avenue SMS Coupon Example     Avenue Mobile Coupon Example


#18 – Famous Footwear Mobile Coupon

Famous Footwear SMS Coupon Example     Famous Footwear Mobile Coupon Example


#19 – Hollister Mobile Coupon

Hollister SMS Coupon Example     Hollister Mobile Coupon Example


#20 – New York & Company Mobile Coupon

New York & Company SMS Coupon Example     New York & Company Mobile Coupon Example


#21 – Lord & Taylor Mobile Coupon

Lord & Taylor SMS Coupon Example     Lord & Taylor Mobile Coupon Example


#22 – Kohl’s Mobile Coupon

Kohls SMS Coupon Example     Kohl's Mobile Coupon Example


#23 – Dunham’s Sports Mobile Coupon

Dunhams SMS Coupon Example     Dunham's Mobile Coupon Example


#24 – Aeropostale Mobile Coupon

AERO SMS Coupon Example     AERO Mobile Coupon Example


#25 – Macy’s Mobile Coupon

Macy's SMS Coupon Example     Macy's Mobile Coupon Example


#26 – AMC Theatres Mobile Coupon

AMC Theaters SMS Coupon Example     AMC Theaters Mobile Coupon Example


#27 – BuyBuy Baby Mobile Coupon

Buy Buy Baby SMS Coupon Example     Buy Buy Baby Mobile Coupon Example


#28 – Ace Hardware Mobile Coupon

Ace Hardware SMS Coupon Example     Ace Hardware Mobile Coupon Example


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