For budding engineers and designers, physics-based toys like Lego Technic or K’Nex were an inspiration towards a future career, and a great way to create incredible projects. Developers FAKT Software are bringing this experience into virtual reality (VR) with Crazy Machines VR.

The Crazy Machines series began in 2008 as a simple top-down physics puzzle title which let players play with pulleys, gears and rubber bands to create solutions to challenges. Since then, the developers have increased the sophistication of the available components, and are now bringing the concept into VR by working in partnership with EuroVideo.

The VR iteration of the franchise will bring the intricate puzzle pieces into space, allowing for freedom from gravity along with motion controls designed to be simple and intuitive to allow users to feel like they are interacting with each component with their own hands.

All the puzzles in Crazy Machines VR have been specially designed for VR, and new features for the VR entry into the franchise are being introduced, such as a grumpy robot assistant.

“The very first moment we entered a virtual Crazy Machines world we knew: This is THE game for VR! We have to do this!” Falk Möckel, Managing Director at FAKT Software says. “We will help shape the future of virtual reality with this amazing experience.”

“For more than 10 years, Crazy Machines has been the premier physics puzzler, and taking this classic franchise to VR is more than an evolution. It is so impressive that not only fans of the series will love it, but all those interested in VR will be convinced by the technology”, adds Marc Wardenga, Head of Games at EuroVideo.

Attendees PAX East on 5th-8th April 2018 in Boston will be able to try out Crazy Machines VR by visiting booth 10054. The title is due for release some time later in 2018 on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

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