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Link Building Survey 2013 – (SEO) Moz

An in depth survey from the SEO Meisters – Moz (formerly SEOMoz).

They go into details on:-

How people are linking building, What they are spending on it, Best techniques for link building and so on….

What’s In A Name? How To Use Naming Conventions To Convert – Crazy Egg

How you use words in Blogging is important – we all know that!

But naming things can be even more difficult. This post from the gurus at Crazy Egg will show you the way.

Pro Blogging 101 – Some unusual tips on blog promotion

We all suffer when trying to come up with ways to promote our blog.

This posts offers some usual and unusual ways to go about this.

5 Enticing types of Blog Posts - Blog Growth

Stuck for ideas on new blog posts you can write.

This post offers some great advice on the types of posts you SHOULD consider, especially when you want to keep your readers coming back!

Taking Customers all the way to Purchase (the sales funnel) – Kathryn Aragon

Kathryn not only works alongside Neil Patel at the Crazy Egg, she knows sales like the back of her hand and produces the weekly C4 report!

This week she shared a great infographic on how to take customers all the way to purchase – that is to say she shows you how to get them to purchase.

If you are selling anything – take a look, it’s worth your time.

The Science of Persuasion

Following on from the wonderful infographic above, I found this on Google Plus this week – the Science of Persuasion.

It goes through in detail, with great whiteboard illustration, 6 principals you can use to persuade people to – buy, do, help. Whatever.

You probably intrinsically know a lot of these, but maybe don’t put them into practice. They seem so easy, I think I will be trying them out soon!

And now for something a little Crazy!!

I have been following Devin Supertramp since his crazy Utah rope swing. NOt sure if you have seen it…..but I shall leave that for another time.

This week, Water Jet Pack boots – Crazy Stuff

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