Branding & Interface Design for Golden Suisse
Branding & Interface Design for Golden Suisse
abduzeedo Nov 12, 2018

There are certain projects that really get my attention, especially when it comes to branding and web. They are always very simple and I am one hundred percent sure that, that is the reason for me to love them. Have you try to design something simple and minimal without feeling that there's something missing, or that the whole design is not complete. That's the biggest challenge, how to find the balance. In my opinion, the Golden Suisse project that Alexander Laguta and Kate Laguta shared on their Behance profile accomplished. But to be honest, I feel that in some screens, they ended up overdoing. 

If you look at the designs, they all follow a simple grid system, the business cards look amazing. I felt that the website got a bit too crowded, perhaps the fonts look a bit too big. It's hard to say because screenshots at the size we see can be misleading. However, if they look already at those sizes, in full-screen mode, they would definitely be huge. 

Despite these details, I believe this branding and interface design project is quite solid. There are a lot of interesting design decisions that will be very helpful for me in the future. That's the reason I added here. I will start using the blog more as a catalog of cool things for me :) 

Branding and interface design


  • Branding, UI/Web Design: Alexander Laguta
  • Animations: Kate Laguta
  • Special thanks: Daniel Weitmann