29 Things Clients Love to Read About on Your Site

People will hire coaches who can help them with their challenges. The more one believes the coach can help, the more likely they are to hire that coach. Again, people want to overcome challenges.

I recently started a discussion over at The Coaches Support Group on LinkedIn. This is a great group run by EG Sebastian, a mentor coach (thanks for your effort). There are good coaches here supporting each other.

I asked the group what they found their clients needed help with the most. I did this to help me and other coaches hone in on the challenges clients face. I also wanted to come up with ideas for topics coaches can write about on their sites to build an expert image.

After I share this list, I’ll give you a few ideas on how to start using it.

Here’s a list of the top things clients have trouble with. It’s somewhat simplified, but I left many overlapping responses to keep it nice and rich.

  1. Setting goals, clear, true to you
  2. Staying accountable
  3. Teaching new skills, knowledge, or learning
  4. Knowing yourself, how you got here, strengths, weaknesses
  5. Give constant positive reinforcement
  6. Identify and resolve blocks,pitfalls, self-sabotaging behavior
  7. Connect/reconnect to the passion and purpose in their life/business.
  8. Creating a clear path, plan to achieve goals
  9. Understanding the impact they currently possess

10. Challenging assumptions, beliefs

11. An honest assessment from someone with no agenda

12. Motivate them, a kick in the pants

13. Confidence building

14. Help in keeping things simple

15. Learning who am I, I’m ok you’re ok

16. Relaxation, stress management

17. Taking responsibility one’s self, stop blaming or waiting

18. Say yes to what we want (wealth consciousness)

19. Know your numbers, measure results

20. Help them stop negative self-talk

21. Get clear on where to begin to change things

22. Maintain a peace of mind, body, spirit

23. Challenge and change limiting beliefs

24. Challenge their ego vs heart-centered mind

25. Develop positive mindset, better thinking patterns

26. How to get around fear and doubt

27. Learning marketing and sales

28. Accountability, stay on top of them (email, skype, calls)

29. Replace old theories, assumptions

So, how do we use these to make great content? Let me give you two ideas

One way is in articles.

Anywhere you write articles, be it your blog or for your email list or in any publication, take any of the ideas above and turn it into a blog. You can do so simply with a simple (classic and effective) title such as, “The Key to [insert any desired result]”.

Blog on “The Key to Getting Out of Debt”, for example, or any topic above you like.  Maybe it’s creating a plan, or staying accountable, or knowing more about yourself.

As another example, “The Key to Major Life Change”, maybe you’ve found that it all boils down to confidence, how to build it, maintain it, and use it to succeed.

You can use, “They key to …” or “The secret to …” or “Three Steps to …” etc.

Another way is in your coaching offerings such as your one-on-one service.

When you outline with clients how your coaching works, perhaps you want to send out a special offer for coaching to your email list and tell them about your service.

You could take a handful of the things above and point out how you offer those things and how they help clients succeed quickly.

For example, you’re a business coach to insurance brokers who want to grow their business. You could say, on your offering for coaching (be it a page on your site, email offering, or announcement in person) that you help clients:

* Set clear, true, real goals that will motivate you into action.
* Change their beliefs to better thinking that clears the confusion.
* Overcome hidden blockers that slow or stop them.
* Stay accountable and motivated, so things get done without the stress.

Do you see how you can use the list above as subject matter for showcasing that you are smart coach? How it gives potential clients confidence in you?

While I’m here, let me share with you a mega, magical marketing move you should do if you’re on LinkedIn.

In order to come up with today’s article, I started a discussion at LinkedIn. Doing so resulted in many benefits, including:

  • I was able to gather wisdom from others to make this article nice.
  • Those who participated, now know me better, I know them better.
  • I know have a good article for my blog and my email list.
  • My expert image is higher in the group I’m in.
  • Coaches who need website help who see this article, will go to my site.
  • I’m supporting the group, my buddy EG likes this and will say good things about me.

Expert image building, relationship building, content creation, marketing, being with your market, etc … call it what you want, in the end it all comes down to helping others learn, overcome challenges, share, connect and have some fun along the way.

You can do the same by starting or participating in discussions on LinkedIn and turn those discussions into articles you then share with the group.

In summary, remember that your soon-to-be clients want to overcome their challenges and attain their goals. Show them that you’ve got smart ways of doing so by centering your website content around their toughest challenges and solutions to them! The list above is a great place to start.

Got more ideas to add to the list above? Have you implemented this marketing move before? Any interesting thoughts or questions come up as you read this article? I’d love to hear from you. Just comment below.