We’ve mentioned before that giving a presentation is similar to marketing and advertising. This is why you need a simplistic deck for better PowerPoint presentation ideas. But what exactly makes the “less is more” principle (Aitchison 2004, 253) effective enough to make ad agency gurus and professional presenters rely on them? Why do professional presenters like those who give the TED Talks make better impressions? There are three reasons why simplicity gives better presentations. All of them rely on a principle made by one of the founders of the ad agency behind the famous Volkswagen ads: “…they won’t listen to you if you’re not interesting, and you won’t be interesting unless you say things imaginatively, originally, freshly.” (Sullivan 2004, 6). 1. Simplicity Gets Your Point Across Aside from being able to sell effectively, an ad needs to be understandable (Aitchison 2004, 253). This is the same requirement that every professional PowerPoint presentation needs in order to sell. With simplicity, your sales pitch becomes more understandable, accurate and concise, letting you state your main point and tell your clients what they get out of your proposed product from the start. 2. Simplicity Cuts Through The Competition Everyday, people are being bombarded with a clutter of advertisements (Aitchison 2004, 254). Clients face a similar situation with presenters. With all the other pitches to sit through, they need to sort through every potential partner’s gimmicks and extra bells and whistles. With simplicity, you get to state what you can do, what clients get […]