The chances of visiting a Subway at least once in a lifetime are pretty high. Whether trying to find something fast to eat and stumbling upon the green and yellow signs quickly and efficiently dealing with your hunger, or searching for hangover relief—this sandwich palace seems to always be nearby when you need it. And it’s run by the glorious sandwich artists, toasting your bread, spreading the tuna mayo and complementing everything with scrumptious chipotle sauce.
It’s no surprise that out of all the fast food chains out there, Subway has a dedicated community on Reddit with 16.2k sandwich artists—talking, sharing, and loving (as well as hating) everything to do with the birthplace of your footlong chicken teriyaki dreams. 

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#1 A Customer Just Left This On A Table For Me. I Was Having A Really Crappy Day, And This Made My Day

Image credits: u/storymaker1235

The truth is that even the best seasoned employees eventually start hating the customers for doing certain things and they are sharing their love/hate relationship with their customers online. Bored Panda has picked the funniest, tastiest, most hateful and most loving posts to illustrate this well-known establishment.

#2 Customers Trying To Find Something Wrong With Their Sandwich

Image credits: u/Dooderdoot

#3 Duh

Image credits: u/SEALZZMAZZTER

#4 Loki On Subway Doing His Thing

Image credits: u/[deleted]

#5 They Need Their Fix Apparently

Image credits: u/cripplinglybroke

#6 Every Time I Do A Weekend Open

Image credits: u/Scottishassassin

#7 Enough Said

Image credits: u/itsfrostiiy0

#8 Anyone Else Feel This?

Image credits: u/itsfrostiiy0

#9 Why

Image credits: u/datemycat

#10 I Can't Be The Only One

Image credits: r/subway

#11 Eat Fresh With This Fresh Meme

Image credits: u/Sandwich-Artisan

#12 When People Leave Not Only Their Rubbish But Rubbish From Other Places Brought In

Image credits: u/SelfCertify

#13 Listening To Your Whole Life Story

Image credits: u/scooterabsorbing

#14 Every Damn Day

Image credits: u/Dersyx

#15 Feels Like Forever

Image credits: u/campbellsoup708

#16 Ha...ha...ha....

Image credits: u/itsfrostiiy0

#17 Why?

Image credits: u/hockeyplayr45

#18 I Didn't Set The Prices

Image credits: u/Arkentra

#19 O Boy

Image credits: u/copstompe

#20 I Want A Sub

Image credits: u/RachitsReddit

#21 Imagine How Much You Could Save By Making A Ham Sandwich At Home

Image credits: u/asmolblackcat

#22 Right At The End Of The Line, Second Sandwich Time

Image credits: u/Nerf_AK47

#23 When A Regular Customer Asks If You Live At The Store Because He Sees You Working There Every Day

Image credits: u/vgordyn

#24 Umm

Image credits: u/meepmelo

#25 Happened Today During Our Lunch Rush

Image credits: u/hockeyplayr45

#26 I Always Cherish The Customers That Tell Me Everything In The Order You Do It In

Image credits: u/NarwhalsAndKittens

#27 Best Tip Day I’ve Ever Had !!!! Usually Only Get $1-$3 A Day

Image credits: u/gingerouid

#28 Don’t Worry Just Take Your Time

Image credits: u/Drbeptet

#29 The Struggle Is Real

Image credits: u/IntNMD

#30 Devils

Image credits: u/BaronsofSealand