As web professionals, most of you have probably been quite advantaged in terms of your education and ability to earn a living.

So how are you giving back with your skills?

Please post ways you use your expertise to help others.

For instance, one Sitepoint reader has what seems to me an inspiring cause to address poverty that you might check out on his blog:

His example is a simple one of raising awareness of causes of interest via a blog, as well as email, etc.

In my case, I’ve started up a website that matches people with resources to those who are struggling to meet their basic needs, and it continues to gain traction ( This work gets me zero consulting business, and is pure volunteer, but it feels good and right to do.

Please post two types of activities:

– Good things you do in community that gets you more visible as a professional, and thus lets you do well while also marketing your business;

– Good things you do with your Web professional skills that help make things better in the world.