Motorola and Metrowerks launch developer curriculum

November 15 — The Motorola Developer Learning Center will teach software developers how to write software for Motorola's Java-enabled mobile phones. Developed by Motorola and Metrowerks, the online courses are offered at three levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert.

IIT Software updates SwiftMQ

November 15 — The latest version of IIT Software's JMS (Java Message Service) enterprise messaging system is now available. SwiftMQ 4.0 includes JMS 1.1 implementation, intra-VM JMS connections, versioned protocol stacks, and high-speed 2-phase commit protocol.

Finalists announced for TopCoder Invitational 2002

November 15 — Sixteen finalists will compete for 50,000 in TopCoder's annual programming competition. TopCoder Invitational 2002's championship rounds will be held November 22-23 in Uncasville, Conn. Top prize is 0,000.

Novell previews XForms tools

November 15 — Novell plans to add tools based on the XForms standard in its next release of extend, its Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)-based Web application development suite. Currently, the company is previewing those tools. XForms is an XML-based technology that helps developers build standards-based Web applications.

AdventNet announces Oracle9i support

November 15 — AdventNet's ManageEngine Suite 5 now supports Oracle9i Application Server. This integration in technologies will allow developers using Oracle9i Application Server to measure application performance with AdventNet.

EasyLicenser manages Java software licenses

November 15 — Agilis Software has introduced EasyLicenser, a software license manager for Java ISVs (independent software vendors). The tool also includes e-commerce and customer relationship management functionality.

Jbed receives MIDP 2.0 boost

November 15 — esmertec has released a new version of its mobile device JVM. Jbed Micro Edition (ME) now supports the new MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile) 2.0 specification.

Choridant and Eontec team up

November 15 — Chordiant Software and Eontec have announced a partnership that will combine process-centric sales and marketing solutions with Java banking solutions. The two companies will deliver solutions that include retail banking, marketing, selling, and customer service functionality.

Smokescreen 3.11 now available

November 15 — Smokescreen, a Java class file obfuscator, has been updated. Version 3.11 includes bug fixes and improvements to byte code obfuscation.

Thought Inc. adds querying system to Java database programmer

November 15 — Thought Inc. has updated CocoBase Enterprise O/R 4.5 with Dynamic Universal Querying, a querying system for issuing queries with EJB-QL (Enterprise JavaBean Query Language) across all Java platforms. Developers use EJB-QL to express queries, standards-based object-oriented syntax defined in EJB 2.0.

Insignia adds MIDP 2.0 support

November 8 — Insignia Solutions has released Insignia Mobile Foundation 2, its Java-enabling software for mobile devices, which now supports the recently approved Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) 2.0. Mobile Foundation also includes the new Insignia EasyStep architecture that ports MIDP 1.0 optimizations and customization to MIDP 2.0.

Cape Clear previews Generation 4

November 8 — Cape Clear Software has released a beta version of Generation 4 (G4), its next-generation Web services suite. The product includes management and configuration tools, enterprise messaging support, tools for XML-based transformations and integration, and improved performance. G4 also features a new task-oriented, graphical development environment for creating, deploying, and testing Web services-based applications.

Logidex links business processes to J2EE components

November 8 — LogicLibrary has launched Logidex a software development asset discovery and mapping engine. The tool links business processes to software components, including Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) components.

SpaceMapper MN8 posted on SourceForge

November 8 — Written in Java, SpaceMapper MN8 is an experimental object-oriented scripting language. It integrates with the Internet and emulates XML core concepts to simplify information extraction and manipulation from Webpages and XML documents.

The Java Community Process upgrades to version 2.5

November 1 — The updated Java Community Process (JCP) enables the participation of a wider variety of contributors and increases the process's flexibility in approving compatible Java implementations. The new process gives equal standing to all Java community participants, enabling them to implement compatible Java specifications under a license of their own choosing, including open source licenses.

TowerJ receives J2SE 1.4 boost

November 1 — Tower Technology has released TowerJ release 4.0 for Linux server platforms. The new version of Tower's J2EE-certified compiler features Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4 support and a new just-in-time compiler.

Sun adds Web services tools to app server

November 1 — Sun Microsystems has updated the Platform and Standard editions of its Sun ONE (Open Network Environment) Application Server 7 with a set of Web services tools, the Sun ONE Studio for Java, Enterprise Edition 4.1. In addition, the Platform Edition is now available free of charge.

Alcea enhances change management tool

November 1 — Fast BugTrack 3 is now available from Alcea Technologies. The latest release of this Java-based change management solution features anonymous entry/auery support, anonymous mail retrieval, configurable filters, and more.

MKS announces support for Together ControlCenter

November 1 — MKS has integrated support for the Together ControlCenter 6.0, a software modeling tool, into MKS's Java-based software configuration management tool, MKS Source Integrity Enterprise Edition 8.3. MKS has also updated Source Integrity integrations for IBM's WebSphere Studio Application Developer 4.0 and WebSphere Studio Site Developer 4.0, Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, and Sybase PowerBuilder 8.02.

Resonate updates Central Dispatch with Sun ONE Application Server 7

November 1 — Resonate has added support for the Sun ONE (Open Network Environment) Application Server 7 to its application performance and traffic management tool. Resonate Central Dispatch can now manage traffic for the latest version of Sun's app server.

Flashline enhances CMEE

October 25 — Flashline has updated its CMEE product to version 3.2. Based on J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition), the software asset reuse solution supports asset-centric collaboration among developers, deeper integration with existing development environments, and streamlined asset management tasks.

Inspire IT updates UDDI client technology

October 25 — The Early Access 3 version of Inspire IT's UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) library is now available. The Java-based technology now supports UDDI 3.0 messaging and UDDI versions 1.0 and 2.0.

Isocra livens J2EE application performance

October 25 — Isocra has introduced livestore, a transparent JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) data cache. livestore holds data local to the application server, which eliminates network round-trips for fetching data from a physical database.

Koalog launches code coverage computation application

October 25 — Written in Java, Koalog Code Coverage 1.0 features in-process or remote coverage computation, predefined or custom report generation, and Ant integration. The application also includes the ability to work directly on Java binaries.

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