Saving Your Frequently Used SQL Scripts In Personal Folder

As a PHP developer you likely have some fixed SQL queries that you frequently use. To save you from the hassles of opening and executing them every time, SQLyog provides an option to save them in a Personal Folder. To save a SQL query, select Edit -> Add Current SQL To Personal Folder (Ctrl+Shift+F) and provide a name. When you want it back, press (Ctrl+Shift+P) and select the query name from the popup menu.

Diagnosing Your Tables

To run a quick check on your database and table(s), use SQLyog's Table Diagnostics option which can be found at Tools -> Table Diagnostics.


In the dialog box select the database and the table that you want to diagnose and select the type of diagnosis you want to perform on the table.


Flush Manager

To flush Host/Logs/Privileges/Tables/Tables With Read Lock/Status/All, select the appropriate option from the Flush dialog box in Tools menu.


As you can easily see, MySQL can be made much more user friendly with the use of a graphical client such as SQLyog. One thing that I like about SQLyog is its blazing speed and simplicity. Though it lacks some less frequently used features like Report Designer, it appears to be an indispensable tool for MySQL developers/administrators. Moreover, it is FREE. This tool gives the commercial MySQL front-ends a run for their money.

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