I use and have used the following tools when I work on my IDE Fix Pack plugin.

  • BDS 2006/2007, RAD Studio 2009-XE7 + Debugger
  • WinDbg
  • .NET CLR Debugger, ildasm, Reflector/ILSpy for ErrorInsight patches in 2006-2010
  • HxD (hex editor) to find byte sequence or parts of it from one Delphi version in the other Delphi versions
  • Gigabyte’s EasyTune to limit my CPU speed to 800 MHz to catch performance bottlenecks.
  • ProcessMonitor to find I/O and Registry performance bottlenecks
  • DelphiF12HotKeySupport for performance bottlenecks (not working under Win 8.x but I have my Win 7 VM)
  • DebuggerCallStackResolver (private tool) to use jdbg files and dbghelp.dll for better call stacks and a more descriptive CPU-View
  • “CPU-View to FindMethod” (private tool) to convert the CPU-View listing to an “array of SmallInt” (using “-1” as a wildcard) that is used by my FindMethod function to find the byte sequences in memory.

Where is IDA Pro? – I don’t use it.