Thoroughness, accuracy, and consistency are important tenets for any platform’s documentation. At Square we take our technical writing seriously and strive to ensure our documentation meets these tenets for our developers. But we also challenge ourselves to go further and ensure developers can easily understand how the different components of our API can fit together.

We recently launched an update to our developer platform documentation. As we’ve talked with developers building apps and integrations with Square, we’ve learned that we could better help them quickly understand and identify what APIs and technologies will best fulfill their development goals.

The new design clarifies how our APIs work together to provide a complete commerce platform for developers and the sellers they serve. We’ve built overview pages for core API categories, including taking payments, managing products, driving growth, and running business to make it easier for developers to create purpose-built solutions for specific tasks. These category pages provide a quick summary of which APIs are most relevant for specific use-cases, along with at-a-glance tables comparing API functionality.

We hope this update will help our developers find the right APIs for their needs and help them solve problems more easily. We can’t wait to see new apps and integrations built with Square and we’d love to hear what you think! Please send any feedback to