The world wide web is a crazy, scary place. Even though I spend a lot of time there, it still surprises me occasionally. Today, as I was making my way through my feeds, I found an article about testing, and how bad it is. This article naturally had some context I didn’t already know, especially about intelligence, which was a fascinating discussion all by itself. Indeed, it included as a reference a much more dense piece on the same subject, with a focus on mathematics.

That article naturally made references to context unfamiliar to me (keep in mind I’m reading these articles as I reach the links, because finishing the first article without knowing its referents beforehand would be pointless), so I got to read an example of how not to discuss correlation between gender and intelligence, as well as a fascinating biography of a brilliant mathematician. Which article lead to a book that I now, naturally, want to read. But that’s for later.

Up one level from Erdös, there was still background on what Stephen Pinker thought about gender (as he is frequently cited by gender-innatists, if you’re actually following the content of these links). That link was dead, though, so I googled around (encountering my first ever Google server error, woo) and found a debate on gender-innate intelligence. That debate under my belt as context, I was able to finish the article so I could finish the article so I could finish the article that I sat down to read in the first place.

I love the web.