Apple releases J2SE 1.4 for the Mac

March 14 — Apple's Mac OS X now features a full implementation of Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4. Mac developers now have access to new native I/O (input/output) APIs; XML technologies; more security-oriented APIs for Kerberos, certificate handling, authentication, and authorization, secure sockets, and cryptography; internationalization and localization enhancements to support Unicode 3.0; and more.

FirstSQL launches FirstSQL/J ProLite

March 14 — FirstSQL has announced FirstSQL/J ProLite, a version of its FirstSQL/J tool. Designed for any type of embedded system, device, or server computing application, FirstSQL/J provides a multithreaded database engine with transaction processing for any platform supporting a JDK 1.1 or greater JVM. ProLite is provided for free when used in noncommercial, nondistributed applications.

Manning updates Swing guide

March 14Swing, Second Edition is now available through Manning Publications. Authors Matthew Robinson and Pavel Vorobiev have updated the book with coverage of J2SE (Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition) 1.4's Swing features.

Brownpot Software introduces XDataFinder

March 14 — New from Brownpot Software, XDataFinder is an open source Java Swing application for browsing and querying XML files and native XML databases. XDataFinder reads in XML Schema and interacts with users to construct XPath.

IIT Software releases SwiftMQ 4.5

March 14 — IIT Software has updated its JMS (Java Message Service) enterprise messaging system. SwiftMQ 4.5 features a job scheduler for executing jobs at a particular time of day or at intervals, based on freely definable calendars.

Cortex enhances code coverage analysis tool

March 14 — Cortex has added new features to Clover 1.1, a tool that discovers code sections not being adequately exercised by unit tests. New to version 1.1 are historical reports in PDF or HTML, a suite of Ant tasks, integrated report generation from the Swing Viewer, and more.

Internet Client Pro now available

March 14 — Canto has announced Internet Client Pro. Based on Canto's Cumulus Java Classes and JSP (JavaServer Pages), the tool enables users to create dynamic Webpages, allowing visitors to search for images and other documents within Cumulus catalogs using a standard Web browser.

InstallShield announces MultiPlatform 5

March 7 — InstallShield has released the newest version of its installation authoring solution, MulitPlatform 5. The tool's new features include Mac OS X support, more Unix flavors, Java Swing support, and new install actions.

Sybase will deliver PowerBuilder 9.0 at the end of March

March 7 — Sybase has announced the latest version of its rapid application development (RAD) tool, PowerBuilder. Version 9.0 includes RAD JSP (JavaServer Pages) Targets that allow the development and deployment of JSP Web applications. In addition, PowerBuilder 9.0 lays the foundation for 4GLplus, Sybase's forthcoming open RAD tool for heterogeneous deployment environments that incorporates life-cycle application development and management concepts.

aJile introduces Java development kit for Nintendo Game Boy

March 7 — aJile Systems has launched JAMiD, a Java-based game development kit for Nintendo Game Boy. The kit uses MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile) 2.0, which offers advanced audio and graphics features to Java mobile game developers. JAMiD's key component is the Java game cartridge, which plugs into the external card slot on any Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP. In addition, aJile is building an online game portal, where mobile game developers can distribute their MIDP games directly to users.

LogicLibrary launches resource for free software development assets

March 7 — LogicLibrary's Logidex Asset Center is a free, online resource that gives registered users access to key software development assets via the Logidex Asset Viewer. The center includes access to Sun Microsystems' Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Core Patterns in a read-only library.

TrackStudio enhances tracking software

March 7 — TrackStudio 2.2, Java-based defect tracking software, is now available. Version 2.2 has new skin-based user interface and subscription-named filters.

Productivity! for JBuilder 8 now available

March 7 — Amis Software has introduced Productivity! Pro 1.4 for JBuilder 8. Productivity! provides a set of JBuilder open tools for simplifying routine coding and navigation operations. It includes advanced smart templates, a task list, background code analyzer, and various JBuilder IDE and editor improvements.

toolsfactory releases Doc-O-Matic 3

March 7 — toolsfactory has updated its source code documentation system. Doc-O-Matic 3 features support for Java, the ability to convert Javadocs to XMLDoc tags, and more.

JNBridge adds new features to interoperability tool

March 7 — JNBridge has released JNBridgePro 1.3 beta, the latest version of its Java/.Net interoperability tool. JNBridgePro allows classes written in .Net languages to access Java classes and enables Java to call .Net code through callbacks. Version 1.3's new features include the ability to pass EJBs (Enterprise JavaBeans), direct mapping between Java and .Net collection classes, and strong naming.

Cape Clear updates WSDL Editor

February 28 — A new version of WSDL (Web Services Description Language) Editor is now available from Cape Clear Software. Designed for experienced and beginner Web services developers, WSDL Editor provides an environment for creating and editing WSDL. It works with .Net, Java, J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition), and CORBA.

Instantiations adds to CodePro product suite

February 28 — Instantiations has introduced three new products into its CodePro suite, a group of products that enhance IBM WebSphere Studio and Eclipse development environments. CodePro Advisor includes best practices tools for Java development; CodePro Agility includes productivity tools for Java development; and CodePro Build includes build management tools for Java development. All three products are integrated into CodePro Studio.

AquaFold announces Aqua Data Studio 2.0

February 28 — AquaFold has updated Aqua Data Studio, its database tool for building, managing, and maintaining enterprise relational databases. Developed with Java, Aqua Data Studio 2.0 supports all major operating systems and database platforms, such as Oracle 8i/9i, IBM DB2, Sybase Adaptive Server, and Microsoft SQL Server.

anacubis Viewer uncovers relationships and trends in data

February 28 — anacubis has released anacubis Viewer, a Web-enabled visualization technology for online information portals. The tool incorporates Java and XML-based technology to allow users to extract intelligence from complex data.

Openwave announces new mobile toolkits

February 21 — Openwave has launched Mobile Developer Toolkit Version 1.0, a set of resources that enable developers to write games, and messaging- and location-based services for mobile devices. The toolkit includes WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Push Library, Java Edition; a multimedia messaging developer SDK; and a location studio SDK. The company has also announced version 7.0 of Openwave Phone Tools, a tool suite that integrates industry standard content and platforms, such as XHTML and Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME), to create differentiated mobile phone services.

Sonic Software updates SonicMQ

February 21 — SonicMQ 5.0, Sonic Software's enterprise messaging server, includes new clustering, management, and security features. Version 5.0 enables seamless routing of data across large networks; allows configuration, deployment, monitoring, and diagnosis of distributed servers from a central management console; and includes a flexible and pluggable security framework.

Recursion Software announces JMS solution

February 21 — Recursion Software has introduced Voyager Messaging, a Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)-compliant implementation of Java Messaging Service (JMS). The tool features client persistence, configurable thread pools, and server-hosted message listeners.

Murach publishes servlet/JSP guide

February 21 — In Murach's Java Servlets and JSP, authors Andrea Steelman and Joel Murach teach developers with basic Java skills how to create professional Web applications. The book covers Java Web programming basics, servlet and JSP (JavaServer Pages) skills, database handling, and commonly used advanced features and skills. The authors also include a Music Store Website to illustrate the concepts discussed.

Versata offers free plug-in for WebSphere Studio

February 21 — Versata has released the Versata Business Logic Designer, a free plug-in for IBM's WebSphere Studio. The plug-in provides a business logic perspective for building adaptable and reconfigurable business logic services that drive distributed enterprise applications. The tool is designed to both complement the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)-centric development facilities within WebSphere Studio and simplify J2EE development.

Blaze Decision System 5.0 now available

February 21 — Fair, Isaac and Company has released Blaze Decision System 5.0, the latest version of its enterprise decision management tool. Version 5.0 features a Java runtime option that allows users to create Enterprise JavaBeans compatible with Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). 1.0.2 SDK automates office suites with Java

February 21 — The 1.0.2 SDK for Linux, Solaris, Windows, and PowerPC provides the tools and documentation for programming APIs and creating extensions to is a community-developed office suite that runs on major platforms. It provides an API for Java that allows developers to write new office suite components or access Web services.

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